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Save Reston's Green Open Space Golf Courses!

Organized by Connie Hartke
Save Reston's Green Open Space Golf Courses! Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Save Reston's Green Open Space Golf Courses! Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
Save Reston's Green Open Space Golf Courses! shirt design - zoomed
Save Reston's Green Open Space Golf Courses! shirt design - zoomed
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All funds raised will go directly to Rescue Reston .
33 items sold
$410 raised
50 goal
15 Days To Go
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt
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Organized by Connie Hartke

About this campaign

Funds are used to support the defense of Reston’s north and south golf courses. Reston’s Master Plan promised permanent open recreational space, and it is our combined strength as a grassroots community effort that will fight against speculative development interests with deep pockets.

Rescue Reston works to defend Reston's recreational green space at the 164-acre North Course, Hidden Creek Country Club, and at the South Course, Reston National Golf Course, a 166-acre Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program Golf Course on the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The land use designation of both properties is private recreation use, more specifically to remain as golf courses.

In doing so we are guided by the following principles:

-Maintain the sense of community that Reston has enjoyed for more than 50 years through thoughtful planning and zoning.
-Protect this space from development that is counter to the adopted Reston Master Plan and the vision for Reston laid out in its founding as an ideal place to live, work and play.
-Prevent the destruction of the Restonian way of life that includes concentrated open spaces where nature can thrive and people can enjoy wildlife and natural horizons.
-Sustain the vision that Reston offered homeowners of a community dedicated to preservation of open space and limitations on development.
-People bought homes here with the understanding that Reston would maintain a geography of lakes, golf courses, and open spaces forever free from houses, commercial space, or other development.
-Preserve the guiding premise of Reston as a true planned community, which continues to attract families, individuals and businesses.


Michael Sanio 1 item + $5

I support keeping Reston green

Lynne Mulston 3 items + $100

It is more important NOW than ever to preserve, protect and defend Reston's designated open space. Stay ALERT and sign-up for the Rescue Reston newsletter at

Sandra and Michael Hughes 2 items 1 item + $25
Anonymous 2 items + $50

Vital to the future of Reston in both open, recreational space but also to limit access that developers have to our land.

Claire L Tse 1 item + $10

I believe in keeping Reston as green as possible as well as support Connie's efforts.

Patricia Freeh $25

Hidden Creek golf course is my backyard. Both golf courses need to remain as planned golf courses. Enough with the greed!

David Lindsay 1 item
Linda ONEILL 1 item

Maybe it's not too late to stop the Rape of Reston.

Thomas R Edgar 1 item + $10

I am a member at Hidden Creek and want to preserve the land for golf.


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