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Funding For An Awesome Samurai Gorillas Toy Line

Organized by Wayne McNeil
Funding For An Awesome Samurai Gorillas Toy Line Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Funding For An Awesome Samurai Gorillas Toy Line Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
Funding For An Awesome Samurai Gorillas Toy Line shirt design - zoomed
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt

Silverback Samurais Studios™ Needs Your Help In Funding For A Samurai Gorillas Toy Line!

Custom Ink
All funds raised will go to Wayne McNeil, the organizer for funding of our 1:12 scale, 1:4 scale, and life-size scale of toys.
100 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt
Unisex - Black
Organized by Wayne McNeil

About this campaign

What are these Silverback Samurais™? Silverback Samurais™is quite simply another name for Samurai gorillas. Asilverbackis an adult male gorilla which is known for having silver hair on his back reaching down to two very heavily muscular hips - many reaching heights of six-feet tall and a body weight exceeding 500 pounds! Asamuraiis a member of the warrior class during Japan's feudal age renown for their fighting skills and possessing the sharpest sword blades the world has ever known! These characters do have their own epic mythology, but that story will be told later in the (comic)book series. Our team here has spent hundreds of hours of detailed sculpting, drawing, and story boarding to create a realistic life-size prototype of a Silverback Samurai™. Unfortunately, we are not finished just yet.

This is where you come in on the story. We need YOUR help to raise enough funding to go into full production on our line of Samurai gorillastatues. If theSilverback Samurais & The Legend Of The Golden Bananas Clans™ project is successfully funded, we later plan on a (comic)book series. But, first we must successfully fund this current project. We humbly ask for your help.

In September of 2013, Silverback Samurais Studios™ was born. For the past year the studio has been writing, story boarding, designing and preparing to launch ourSilverback Samurais & The Legend Of The Golden Bananas Clans™campaign in what we believe will be one of the most epic mythology of charactersever created in the toy/comic/movie industry!

Future plans include partnering with the world's best known toy companies, comic/book publishers, and motion picture studios to bring these awesome characters to every corner of the globe. With plans for new and exciting projects for years to come, there is little doubt that epic things are in store for Silverback Samurais Studios™ and our fans. Thank you for supporting our fundraising campaign!




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