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SD Birth Matters Midwife Regulatory Fund

Organized by Debbie Pease
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SD Birth Matters Midwife Regulatory Fund Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
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SD Birth Matters Midwife Regulatory Fund shirt design - zoomed
SD Birth Matters Midwife Regulatory Fund shirt design - zoomed
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt

We are soooo close to reaching our goal. Buy a shirt and donate to help South Dakota families gain access to Certified Professional Midwives.

All funds raised will go directly to SOUTH DAKOTA SAFE CHILDBIRTH OPTIONS
$2,160 raised
67 items sold of
150 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt, Unisex - Lime
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt
Unisex - Lime
Organized by Debbie Pease

About this campaign

South Dakota families have been working for over 20 years to gain access to Certified Professional Midwives.  This year our bill almost passed.  We are working with key opponents to draft a bill for 2017 that sets up an Independent Midwife Board - which they will support!  To make an independent board financially feasible we need to raise the $20,000 necessary to get this board started.  Won't you help the families of South Dakota by buying a T-shirt and/or making a donation today? 

Hi, I'm a South Dakota mom whose Certified Professional Midwife went to jail, because there was no way for her to be licensed in the state. Since she was jailed in 2003, we have not had any access to Certified Professional Midwives in South Dakota.  I am grateful that some home birth families have access to Certified Nurse Midwives, who can legally attend out of hospital births in our state.  But there aren't enough of them. I still get calls all the time from families searching for a midwife in an area where there are none.  I look forward to the day when every South Dakota family will have access to at least one midwife in their community. That won't happen until we change our state law to allow Certified Professional Midwives to practice here.

We are getting very close to meeting that goal.  This year's CPM Licensure bill went further than ever before.  We passed the House 54-13, but failed in the Senate with a 16-19 vote.  Because we almost passed, at least some of our opposition is willing to work with us on drafting a bill they can support next year.  We are drafting a bill that will set up an independent midwife board.  The biggest hurdle will be to prove that it can be financially feasible. In South Dakota each board must support itself. That is difficult when there are such a small number of midwives ready to be licensed, but it is possible if we raise enough money to get this board started.  That's why we need your help.  Will you buy a T-shirt, give a donation and spread this message to your friends?  Every little bit helps. Together we can make a difference for South Dakota's families.  Thank you in advance for your support!


Deborah Burdick 1 item

Having had 2 children at home, I wish to help other families in our great state gain access to CPM's. Thanks for all the work you do to make this dream a reality!

Anonymous 1 item

I believe home births are a superior option to hospital birth and should be available to those who desire one.

Donna Ryan 1 item + $100

As the Founder/CEO of Birth Boot Camp, and now resident of beautiful South Dakota, I fully support midwifery care and am anxious to help it flourish here.

Vicki Hedley 1 item

I am a home birth midwife in NJ and NY. I believe all birthing people should have access to midwives!

Elizabeth 1 item
Shelly Gaddis 3 items
Anonymous 2 items + $1000

I wish I would have had access to a CPM. I pray that my daughters will!

Anonymous $100
Elizabeth Avery 1 item + $10

I hope that my daughters will be able to find a Certified Professional Midwife when needed. I loved my three home experiences!

Ashley Anderson 2 items + $10

I'm excited to have home birth more accessible to families in SD!


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