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Sober Soldiers: On the Front Lines of Addiction

We are bringing intervention education and skills training to the public forum. Our mission is to raise awareness to the power of intervention, to dispel myths of addiction, boost spirits and create lasting, meaningful connections. We will initiate, nurture and continue to develop and provide educational programs of prevention and intervention for individuals, couples, families and professionals currently practicing in the field as well as those who are aspiring to help others.

With your donation we are making available the following FREE Intervention Workshops and Presentations throughout this campaign and beyond :




--Domestic Violence


--Dating Violence

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WHY? WHY? Intervention has been around for a long time now. I've worked in the addiction and recovery field for almost 20 years and I continue to see the epidemic of addiction escalate but, even more, I've seen time and time again the deteriorating family and their increased intensity of codependent behavior and their blind contribution to this soul sickness....often unbeknownst to them. Since addiction is a family disease, we must deepen our understanding that the family needs rescue almost, if not more so than the addict. There are many, many programs being utilized effectively and efficiently for individuals with substance abuse and chemical dependency issues but there is a gap that continues to widen as addiction and codependent behaviors intensify and gain considerable momentum in the wrong direction.