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Coffee with a Cause

Organized by Kristina Frantz
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Coffee with a Cause Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
Coffee with a Cause Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
Coffee with a Cause shirt design - zoomed
Coffee with a Cause shirt design - zoomed
Canvas Tri-Blend T-shirt

Make a difference today! Your purchase of a t-shirt supports our mission to make our community a better place.

Custom Ink
All funds raised will be paid directly to The Fire Escape Palmerton for our non-profit coffeehouse that serves the local community. .
32 items sold
50 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Canvas Tri-Blend T-shirt
Unisex - Solid Black Tri-Blend
Organized by Kristina Frantz

About this campaign

Our mission is to be a welcoming place for all; to find local ministries & non-profits; to host a wide variety of events such as small groups, bible studies, family friendly performances & support groups; and to serve the broken in our community


Sandra Walter 1 item + $10

My family has been a part of the Palmerton area for decades. I don't live there myself, but my aunt does and I visit regularly. i stopped in the coffee shop this afternoon and was thrilled to find out it was Christian run. What a great place.

Debrah cintron 7 items
Amy Harrison 3 items
Ruth Piper 1 item
Kristina Frantz 3 items
Anonymous 7 items
Laura Coulson 2 items
Anonymous 2 items
June Hess 1 item
Emily Howey 2 items


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