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We are a group of women who live and breathe bikes. We’re driven by weekend adventures, and breaking the boundaries of conventional cycling by taking things off road. We are adventure seekers, artists, racers, and explorers. This Team Saves Livesis part of a cause headed up by This Bar Saves Lives to provide life-saving therapeutic food aid to children suffering from malnutrition. For every bar you purchase from This Bar Saves Lives, they send a packet of life-saving food to a child in need. And this year, for each top 10 placement achieved by a rider on our team, This Bar will donate enough food aid to help save one child’s life on behalf of our team. The more races we can get to, the more opportunities we have to help our cause and to give back.

Joining a cause that we strongly believe in not only adds to the drive behind the goals we wish to achieve in our races, it gives our team a distinct purpose that transcends purely cycling.


This Team Saves Lives

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