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Trucker Charity Inc

Organized by Lance Wood
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Trucker Charity Inc Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
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Help Raise $2,000 to Help get Drivers and their Remains Home

All funds raised will go directly to Trucker Charity Inc
Thanks to our supporters!
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  • Trucker Charity Inc Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - small
Organized by Lance Wood

About this campaign

Raising money for Trucker Charity Inc. to support their mission of "Get em' safe, Get em' fed, Get em' home." This will help fund the "Last Ride Home" program along with helping purchase commercial transport home for the drivers.

If we reach 200 shirts sold we will earn $2000. All funds raised will go directly towards Trucker Charity Inc.

Please contact the campaign organizer for any questions Campaign Organizer

Shirts will be delivered approximately 2 weeks after the close date.

We are a group who have decided to devote our lives to helping truckers and all that go with them who have fallen on hard times. This could include the mechanics, waitresses, dock workers and so on. We all make this world move.

The mission of Trucker Charity, is to assist those in the trucking industry in need. We will do this financially, and with education. Our life coach and mentoring programs will work with those that need help one on one. We will raise money to help support people in the trucking industry who are in need and luck has passed them by. Including mechanics, truckers and their families and all jobs related to the trucking industry. We will be good stewards of peoples money and help our industry prosper with support and education.

Organization ensures dignity for deceased driver's last run By Charlie Morasch, Land Line contributing writer Aaron Meacham, 36, a third-generation truck driver with 18 years of commercial driving experience, died in his truck at a New Mexico truck stop this past week. He is survived by his wife, Lisa, and three sons.

A TA/Petro employee in Moriarty, NM, alerted authorities when Meacham’s family contacted the truck stop Wednesday, April 17. Foul play is not suspected.

With family and friends grieving over Meacham, his death also created logistical problems. Though cremated remains can be shipped by package delivery companies, deceased bodies are a different matter. His family back in Vergennes, VT, didn’t want Meacham’s body hauled home amid other freight.

From 2,100 miles away, his widow, Lisa Meacham, told Trucker Charities Inc. President Lance Wood her husband “needs to come home in a truck.”

With the cooperation of Trucker Charity, two funeral homes and the kindness of two TCI Transport drivers, Wood was able to make Lisa’s request happen.

For years, Trucker Charity has helped down-on-their-luck drivers and their families through difficult situations. Trucker Charities, a 501(c)(3) non-profit since 2009, expanded into trucking last year under the name TCI Transport. Trucker Charities has three trucks, including two employed drivers and an owner-operator leased to the organization. Its drivers coordinate loads that will make money and position the organization to continue its mission of helping those in the trucking industry in need.

Wood said Trucker Charity had previously helped two other families get deceased drivers home through its “Last Ride Home” program, but had never arranged for a transport as far as the Meacham family needed.

Estate planning, even for professional truck drivers, rarely includes a plan for transporting remains, Wood said.

“People just don’t plan for this stuff,” Wood said. “I don’t think most drivers out here have any clue how their remains will get taken home.”

TCI Transport tapped its drivers’ experience and industry know-how to make the trip quick and efficient. Not long after Wood spoke with the Meacham family Thursday, April 18, Trucker Charity began working the phones to get Meacham home.

TCI Transport driver Isaac Bland borrowed an expediter to take Meacham’s body from Moriarity, NM, to Tennessee. There he met TCI Transport driver Tony Hamilton this past weekend.

Meacham’s body was moved into a dry van trailer attached to Hamilton’s truck.

Each time Meacham’s body was moved, a small service and silence was observed, Wood said.

When Hamilton’s truck came within an hour of Aaron Meacham’s home, Aaron’s father, OOIDA Life Member Robert Meacham, met Tony and planned to help escort the truck and his son’s body home. Amid the familiar rattle of diesel engines, an emotional Robert changed his mind.

“He had wanted to escort but it was a little too tough for Aaron’s father to do,” Wood said.

On Monday evening, Aaron Meacham was brought to a funeral home in his hometown in preparation for memorial services.

“Initially, we told the family we thought he wouldn’t be home until Thursday,” Wood told Land Line Tuesday. “But I got my drivers together. We got him home last night.”

Both Bland and Hamilton donated several days of their own time to transport Aaron Meacham’s body, Wood said. Trucker Charity hopes donations will offset the organization’s diesel costs for the 2,100 mile trip.

“Tony said, ‘My time is included. Just put diesel in the truck,’” Wood said, recounting the conversation he had with his driver.

Transporting the deceased across state lines requires special permitting. Most bodies are transported by plane or by truck, Wood said, amid other cargo.

“Normally, they go as freight,” he said. “That doesn’t do a driver a lot of justice. I’ve been driving my whole life. If something happens to me, I want to be brought home with a little dignity and respect. Not just like a bunch of freight along with other loads.”

Wood said a funeral home in New Mexico helped Trucker Charity with the legal process as Wood researched whether a reefer would be required. It wasn’t.

Hundreds of trucking industry veterans commented on a message Trucker Charity left on Facebook, including many that touched on the sadness of a fellow driver dying alone, so far from home.

Truck driver Jose Santos was at the same Moriarty, NM, TA when he learned of Meacham’s passing by reading online. Santos wrote on Facebook that he had spoken with truck stop personnel about Aaron Meacham. “I’m still here,” Jose wrote Saturday evening, “and will say the Lord’s Prayer for him before pulling out. RIP Aaron Meacham.”

"Rick Rogers died on May 19 ,2010 . Rick was one of the founding members of Trucker Charity, Inc. It was his passion we would do Last Ride Home. Well we never thought it would be Rick Rogers to be the first to be brought home. We at Trucker Charity was working with his mom, funeral homes to get this remains home. On Friday 21 Lance Wood told me Ralph your carrier needs to get you to Florida. I said no I'm in New Jersey right now they will not get me to Florida. As soon as I said that I got a preplan to deliver 2 stops in florida.

I called dispatch and told him what I wanted to do had to talk with his boss for approval. So I deliver my 2 stops Rick Remains was not ready. SO I get a back haul and go back to Hickory,Nc. Got empty tuesday and I got a reload back to Jacksonville,Fl. Get back to Florida and Rick remains was still not ready. Well I had to go back to Hickory,Nc . Surprised to me my dispatcher got me another load to Florida to deliver Friday 28 late evening. Well the 3 time Rick was Ready. So I called a cab to pick me up to get to Rick. Well after a 3+ hour cab ride I was back at the Ta WITH RICK.

I cleared off my Passenger seat put Rick there with his favorite soda and smokes. I also called OOIDA let them know what I was doing and then I had a huge Facebook Following until I took him home in Wi .

So I got empty friday then reload of beer back to Hickory,Nc dropped at my yard, Then got a empty to get a load the next day in Winston-Salem Nc to Wi. I was able to post every time I crossed a state line and let everyone know my progress to bring Rick Home. I had offers for free meals if I was in the area. All the support helped me do my hardest trip ever.

Well early June 1 , 2010 I was able to hand Rick Rogers to his mom and brother. They was distraught since they lost Rick's father not even 2 month before. Karen gave a couple pictures a hand written card and to this day every Christmas I get a Christmas card from her. I was sorry I could not stay around for the service but my load went to the other side of the state. Ricks dog Emma died in the wreck also and she was mailed home and was laid to rest with Rick.

This was my hardest trip of my trucking career. I been driving since Jan 2000. I want to thank my company Cargo Transporters who got me to Florida 3 times then to Wi to hand Rick to his mom. I want to thank everyone who followed me and helped me thru a tough trip and to Trucker Charity , Inc to make sure we got this done. "

Ralph Acocella Jr


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