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We Did It! Our Custom Ink Fundraising Campaign Has Closed

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T's "T" shirt fundraiser

Organized by Sarah Wells
Po30573700 front
T's "T" shirt fundraiser Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
T's "T" shirt fundraiser Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - back
T's "T" shirt fundraiser shirt design - zoomed
T's "T" shirt fundraiser shirt design - zoomed
Bella + Canvas Tri-Blend T-shirt

Show your support for T as she fights her battle!

Custom Ink
All funds raised will be paid directly to Teresa Link for travel/treatment expenses.
20 items sold
$610 raised
50 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Bella + Canvas Tri-Blend T-shirt
Unisex - Grey Tri-Blend
Organized by Sarah Wells

About this campaign

As you may or may not know, Teresa or "T" as many of you may know her (shes Mom to me), was diagnosed with stage four colo-rectal cancer in May of 2018. Since that time she has stood up to cancer and has fought ever since with everything in her. These times have been difficult indeed but with the love and support of her huge network she has persevered and will continue to do so with strength and grace. Her attitude Yall, is AMAZING!!! Her journey has led her to a fantastic oncologist in Oklahoma City who is as willing and determined as Mom to wage this war and to WIN! The only thing is that she is 120 miles away. We drive 120 miles one way each time we need to see the doctor, each time she receives her treatment and for every scan. Sometimes twice a week. Trust me when I say though that the trip is worth it for the amazing care that Dr. George and the amazing staff at OU Stephenson Cancer Center give to her. This is how you can help!! This amazing shirt features artwork from all of her immediate family including her three precious gran-daughters. It was designed with love and we hope that you all will wear it with love as I know T has an army behind her with hearts filled with love and support. Every purchase or donation will go into a special account to help make her travels more comfortable and memorable as well as help her with extra household expenses. Every little bit helps, even if it is just a kind word. Love and peace!!


Susan Petersen

Cause I can and I love her

cindy spurlock 1 item + $25

shared some of the best times of my life with T, Love you forever!!!

Christine Marsh

Teresa's sister, Cindy is a good friend of mine--I want to support her sister in any way I can:) xoxo

Sarah Wells 4 items
Stephanie 1 item + $10

Been there, done that.

JoAnn Davis 1 item + $25

Love and prayers Teresa! Have a happy Birthday

Anonymous 1 item + $50

Cause it's Teresa and I love her.

Anonymous 2 items

:-D B-)

Darin in-on 2 items
Martin bayless 1 item + $50


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