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We Shine Brighter Together (SKTCS 24-25 School Shirts)

This is a collection of all the items we are offering for the 2024-2025 school fundraiser. Please review the list below to make sure you are selecting the shirt color associated with your class. 

If you wish to make an additional donation along with the purchase of one of these amazing shirts, you will have the opportunity within the checkout process. For those who would rather just make a donation, click on any of the campaigns below and select "I'd like to make a donation only."

Thank you for your support.

Campaign 1 (K - 4th):

- Royal Blue (Kinder)
- Athletic Yellow (1st)
- Texas Orange (2nd Grade)
- Athletic Crimson (3rd Grade)
- Clean Mint (4th Grade)

Campaign 2 (5th - 8th):
- Athletic Green (5th Grade)
- Athletic Purple (6th Grade)
- Charcoal Heather (7th Grade)
- Black (8th Grade)

** These are separate campaigns. If you need to purchase a shirt from each, you will need to place separate orders. Ship your orders to the school for free. 


We Shine Brighter Together (Kinder - 4th)

SKTCS 24-25 School Shirt!

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We Shine Brighter Together (5th - 8th)

SKTCS 24-25 School Shirt!

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