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Mud Run Lingo Glossary

Aftershock [af-ter-shok, ahf-] · Noun
When you’re finally able to shower and feel every one of the previously unknown cuts and scrapes.
Bake n’ Cake [beyk-and-keyk] · Verb
Standing in the sun until the mud that covers you becomes a dirty crust.
Bale Out [beyl-out] · Noun
When you run and leap to secure footing on the hay bales, only to realize you didn’t get enough momentum and have to try again.
Barbie-Queue [bahr-bee-kyoo] · Noun
The line that forms at the barbed wire obstacle while people observe others and figure out their strategy.
Belly Slop [bel-ee-slop] · Noun
When you wrongly assume a mud obstacle is slick enough that you can slide on your stomach, and instead plant yourself stomach-first in the muck.
Birthday Suitors [burth-dey-soo-ters] · Noun
Those men who choose to complete mud races in various stages of undress, or in Speedos.
The Electric Slide [thee-ih-lek-trik-slahyd] · Noun
The maneuver you use to avoid live electrical wires in particularly challenging mud races.
Fon-dudes [fon-doodz] · Noun
Men so totally covered in mud they look like they were dipped in a chocolate fountain.
The Freshwater 15 [thuh-fresh-wot-er-fif-teen] · Noun
The weight that your clothes and shoes gain after going through the first water obstacle.
Kicking Ash [kik-ing-ash] · Verb
Clearing the fire hazard in one glorious leap.
Lemming [lem-ing] · Verb
To jump off of a tall obstacle mindlessly following those in front of you without regard for your personal safety.
Mud Suds [muhd-suhdz] · Noun
The well-earned beer you down after crossing the finish line.
Official Debriefing [uh-fish-uhl-dee-bree-fing] · Noun
The recounting of your race tales while disrobing; usually held in a parking lot.
Slip Slops [slip-slops] · Noun
What any pair of previously functional shoes becomes after you’ve completed the race.
Souv-in-ear [soov-in-eer] · Noun
The keepsake dirt you find in your ear three days after the race.
Mud Duds [muhd-duhdz] · Noun
The custom t-shirts, accessories and other apparel you and your friends don for team unity in a mud race.

Create Your Own Mud-Duds

Stick in the Mud [stik-in-thuh-muhd] · Noun
What you become as a result of a Belly Slop.
Sting Operation [string-op-uh-rey-shuhn] · Noun
When you’re finally able to shower and feel every one of the previously unknown cuts and scrapes.
Tire-Ran-Ass-Sore-Us [tahyuhr-rahn-as-sohr-uhs] · Noun
The creature you become after successfully navigating dozens of tires.
Woodstocks [woodstoks] · Noun
Generic term for the farms, fields and other hinterlands that host mud race events.

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