The benefits of sponsorship:

Consider it an investment, like any marketing channel or initiative. One of the greatest advantages to sponsoring a local team is the positive word-of-mouth it will generate for your company. People in the community will see your company's name when they cheer on their family and friends from the stands, and team and league members will mention you regularly while discussing the season. Everyone will be sure to appreciate your participation in the community, which is likely to result in an increase in business.

How to find a team to sponsor:

Ask around. Post a flyer in your place of business. Call your local parks and recreation department to find out about leagues and programs. Call a few league commissioners and ask to be put in touch with teams who are searching for sponsors. Look online or check your local paper for ads posted by leagues.

Here’s another option. has partnered with Pear to turn the many teams seeking sponsorship support into your sponsored teams. Together, we make becoming a grassroots sponsor easy for your brand or local business.

Good deed, great marketing and cost effective!

Keep in mind that each sport has levels ranging from casual recreational leagues to more competitive and organized leagues. Uniform requirements vary from league to league, but most teams in recreational leagues tend to order t-shirts or low-cost baseball shirts only. Find a team that works for your budget and your interests. If there's a popular recreational softball league in your area, you can make a team very happy by sponsoring them with t-shirts from, and you'll only have to invest $150-$300. Contact our Service/Sales Reps to discuss price quotes on various products.

Hey teams, find a sponsor for your team’s apparel too! has teamed up with Pear to help you find sponsorships. Find businesses and brands to sponsor your group or team while still having deliver your order. Receive the best of both worlds.

Who creates the design for the shirts if I decide to sponsor a team?

That's between you and the team captain, but of course we can help! Most teams prefer to design their own shirts, but they will (of course!) respect your wishes regarding the size and placement of your logo, company name, etc. features an easy-to-use design lab that allows you and your team to create designs and email them around, so you can easily iron out the design details with the team captain via email before placing the order.

What about the order details and logistics?

The team captain should be responsible for obtaining the shirt sizes and quantities from everyone on the team, and for providing you with any and all information regarding personalized names/numbers, if this is a design feature the team wishes to incorporate into their uniforms. Placing the order is a breeze at - our Service/Sales Reps are available seven days a week to help.