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If You Believe In Justice!

Organized by Elizabeth Crudup
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Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt


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All funds raised will go to Elizabeth Crudup, the organizer for Shannon Nyamodi's Legal Battle.
500 goal
Thanks to our supporters!
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt, Unisex
Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt
Organized by Elizabeth Crudup

About this campaign

Shannon Nyamodi, a HOSTAGE of the state of North Carolina in the Franklin County Jail. Read about him at or Google his name. PLEASE BUY T shirts to help in the fight toFREE SHANNON!

Shirts will be delivered approximately 2 weeks after the close date.

When a woman came out of a house screaming and fell to the sidewalk, Shannon Nyamodi, 18, hurried to her aid from the house where he was visiting friends in Franklin County, NC. The white woman had been shot. She said her daughter was responsible. The police arrested Shannon for shooting the woman in her head, because he was the only black man around! The victim lived and made a full recovery although she was shot in the head. Shannon did not shoot her, but the people who did shoot her may be related to Sheriff Jerry Jones, of Franklin County, NC, and they are NOT to be blamed. Website for Shannon: ~The good Samaritan has been incarcerated for over a YEAR, held on a $500k bond, although he has no criminal background and had recently graduated from high school. He was a working young man who was about to go into the military. At present they will not bring him into court and will not let him have contact with the outside world. Solitary confinement is known to cause mental illness. It is being used in Franklin County, NC to force a confession from an innocent black youth who has been imprisoned for a year without trial for a crime that even his alleged victim said he did not do. TORTURE, CORRUPTION, AND RACISM IN FRANKLIN COUNTY, NC JUSTICE SYSTEM ~ Franklin County Jail in NC prevents Shannon Nyamodi from receiving visitors and phone calls. He is under a GAG ORDER that is likely imposed without a court order. Shannon's mom can be reached ANYTIME at 919-758-6704


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I know Shannon's mother, and she is a fighter for justice for all people. It is time for us to fight for justice for her and her son.


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