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Each week, we reward the CustomInk customer whose photo shows the most group spirit through our photo contest. Help pick this week's winning photo by voting for your favorites.

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Bob Voyage by LeahC - over 6 years ago

Bob Voyage T-Shirt Photo

"Dad's 75th birthday party in Westbrook, CT. CustomInk was flawless and the shirts were a huge hit!"

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M Lake 2007 by Meg - over 6 years ago

M Lake 2007 T-Shirt Photo

"Six years ago we threw a pre-wedding party in Cheboygan Michigan on Mullett Lake. We have continued to reunite at different locations each year but no matter where we end up we still call it "Mullett Lake Reunion," hence the "M Lake" on the front of our t-shirts. This year we brought our tradition to Charlevoix Michigan and had a Mexican Fiesta wearing our t-shirts. These t-shirts are significant to us and add fun to the group and make for great pictures! Vote for us Mullett Lakers – friends for a lifetime."

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Mountain Cousins by DuffyW - over 6 years ago

Win Mountain Cousins T-Shirt Photo

"Twelve cousins visit Mimi and Poppa on their boat HeartWood while vactioning in the Adirondack Mountains, New York. All were sporting their new Ts from CustomInk...what a website! Ease of design and ordering...perfect every time!"

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An Islands of Adventure Family Affair by Brianna - over 6 years ago

An Islands Of Adventure Family Affair T-Shirt Photo

"It was our first family vacation in years and we wanted this one to stand out above the rest. What better way than to have our own shirts from Islands of Adventure never knew what hit them....and we never lost each other in the crowds. was so easy and the customer service was top notch. I cant wait for our next adventure...and my next opportunity to design our shirts on"

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Wilkner's Wild Weekend - Bachelorette Party by WilknersWeekend - over 6 years ago

Wilkner's Wild Weekend   Bachelorette Party T-Shirt Photo

"We took twelve girls (including the bride-to-be) on a scavenger hunt through Huntington Beach, CA. With tasks such as "Shave a man's legs," "Paint a man's toenails," and "Find someone to serenade the bride," we all assumed we'd fail the scavenger mission. But with our shirts (designed with "Wilkner's Wild Weekend" on the front, and random "Miss" names on the back (Miss Demeanor, Miss Understood, Miss Fit, Miss Creant, Miss Tletoe), we were quite popular on the strip. Thanks CustomInk. We got a lot of compliments (and offers to form a softball team)."

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Testify 2007 Missions Group by testify - over 6 years ago

Testify 2007 Missions Group T-Shirt Photo

"This is a majority of a church missions group. The shirts were designed like two to three weeks before the end of the trip.. and got these shirts turned around to us in one week, which was great to end our trip out with shirts with our logo and Bible verse on the back. This in in Washington, DC."

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Best Tourney Ever! by HDR_Athletic_Dept - over 6 years ago

Best Tourney Ever! T-Shirt Photo

"We've played in this tournament for the last dozen years or so and our best record had been 2-2. This year, wearing our snazzy CustomInk shirts, we went 4-1 and brought home a trophy! Was it the shirts? We can only assume yes! The website was slick, the options were great, and the customer service was everything customer service should be. Thanks CustomInk!"

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Hunk of Burnin' Love Chili Cookoff by ko - over 6 years ago

Hunk Of Burnin' Love Chili Cookoff T-Shirt Photo

"My mom has cooked in the Chili Cookoff in her town for 11 years but never won. This year my friends flew in from across the country to support her -- we made Hunk a Burnin' Love Chili in honor of the passing of Elvis 30 years ago Aug 16th. We got second place but it felt like first -- in our shirts and matching panties!!"

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Team AAFP is Passionately Pink! by TEAM_AAFP - over 6 years ago

Team Aafp Is Passionately Pink! T-Shirt Photo

"CustomInk did a wonderful job on our cool tees we wore in very hot weather (100 degrees) while participating in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk. You guys ROCK!!! Team AAFP loves ya!"

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Fat Camp retrEAT by Valerie - over 6 years ago

Fat Camp Retr Eat T-Shirt Photo

"Every summer my family goes to Tremblant. You see, our family is a little different than others when it comes to vacation. While other people treat each day as it comes, my family, a group of cooks, are constantly thinking about what they are going to prepare for each meal. It’s seriously an obsession! Over time, its become part of my family's identity. For example, when we do something physically active (like take a hike up the mountain), we always joke that we're 'Fat Camp'. "Fat Camp goes Hiking, Fat Camp goes for a Bike!, Fat Camp goes Rafting!". That’s why on the back of our shirts it says..”Fat Camp goes…For Dinner?” Since food is the one and only thing on our mind! This year, when we found out we'd be going again I thought it would he hilarious if we had shirts. We did it more as an inside joke for ourselves and we promised that we would only wear them during sports. Since the shirts turned out AMAZING, we were too excited and decided to wear them on our first day walking around the village. It was probably one of the funniest moments of our lives. Everyone was staring at us and asking us questions about them. We even had one lady try so hard to get a look at them that she walked right into a pole!!! We also had a real estate agent ask us a few days after we wore them if we were the group wearing the awesome shirts in the village. It was great! So all and all 'Fat Camp' took over Mount Tremblant thanks to our shirts from CustomInk! I'd have to say that I was amazed with the service and how quickly the process went. The people who I worked with were SO helpful and it made the experience a pleasure. I will definitely go to customink again this year for some orders for my residence council and you bet I’ll be back for next years retrEAT! Now for some breakfast… ;)"

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