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Heather's Bachelorette by Kisses_til_Mrs. - over 5 years ago

Heather's Bachelorette T-Shirt Photo

"We designed these shirts for Heather's Bachelorette Party in Atlanta, GA. We created a slogan that matched our bride-to-be, classy yet coy: Blowing Kisses til She's a Mrs. Our experience with CustomInk was great - they got the shirts to us in plenty of time and the sizes worked out very well!"

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CA State Fair Boys by Generation - over 5 years ago

Ca State Fair Boys T-Shirt Photo

"We performed at the California State Fair in front of 1600 fans. We loved our team shirts in Blue, Red and Black."

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2008 California State Fair - Blue Team by Generation - over 5 years ago

2008 California State Fair   Blue Team T-Shirt Photo

"We performed at the California State Fair in front of more than 1600 fans. We loved our team shirts in Blue, Red and Black."

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Hurricane Katrina Relief Work by Aem310 - over 5 years ago

Hurricane Katrina Relief Work T-Shirt Photo

"Even three years after the storm, the Gulf Coast region still can use the help of volunteers rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina. Our group from Princeton University went down to work there over fall break, and we were so happy with our t-shirts from CustomInk. The shirts sparked some good conversations in the airport with other volunteers and with those who were grateful that volunteers were still coming to the area. And the CustomInk website was so well-designed and easy to use--it was such a help in the midst of our last-minute planning!"

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Walk 4 Hearing by TeamTyler - over 5 years ago

Walk 4 Hearing T-Shirt Photo

"This is just part of our 30 member team to Walk 4 Tyler in the Walk 4 Hearing. Tyler is the child in the picture; she is deaf and uses a cochlear implant. I'm her mom and I wear hearing aids. Our t-shirts were a hit and talked about all day long; even the event MC commented on the stage about them!"

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Lego Robotics Shockers by Mindstorm - over 5 years ago

Lego Robotics Shockers T-Shirt Photo

"This team of 4th graders looked and felt united in their colorful and creative customInk shirts -- and took the Lego Robotics tournament by storm."

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ECHSClassof2010 by ECHSClassof2010 - over 5 years ago

Echs Classof2010 T-Shirt Photo

"Junior Homecoming at El Camino High School!"

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OTS Beta Chapter @ Grand Council by MarinaT - over 5 years ago

Ots Beta Chapter @ Grand Council T-Shirt Photo

"This is just a few of the Beta Chapter members that attended the annual Omega Tau Sigma Grand Council. Each year, Grand Council is held at a veterinary school with a OTS chapter. This year it was held at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Thirteen Beta Chapter members drove 13.5 hours from Ithaca, NY to attend."

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Confirmation Spirit Retreat by Celentano - over 5 years ago

Confirmation Spirit Retreat T-Shirt Photo

"We are the 2009 Confirmation Class at St. John the Baptist. We wore our t-shirts for our spirit retreat and we wear them whenever we volunteer for our parish."

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K-M class of 2009 by Jalissa - over 5 years ago

K M Class Of 2009 T-Shirt Photo

"A smaller group of us that are seniors at K-M highschool, and these are the shirts we got. they read: Here we go, it's our time to shine, -Front We're the K-M Class of 2009 -back"

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