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Each week, we reward the CustomInk customer whose photo shows the most group spirit through our photo contest. Help pick this week's winning photo by voting for your favorites.

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Tree Huggers United by TreeHuggersUnited - almost 7 years ago

Tree Huggers United T-Shirt Photo

"Tree Huggers United is a club that my friend and I started. We are raising money to donate to the South American Rainforest and raise awareness about global warming. We had a band night at school and tons of people showed up to support our club. This is when the picture was taken."

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Burnzy's Bash 2006 by GinaC - almost 7 years ago

Burnzy's Bash 2006 T-Shirt Photo

"This was our 6th annual cabin trip to our friend's cabin in northern Wisconsin. We always have a blast"

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Irene Burd Pub Crawl by BurdPubCrawl - almost 7 years ago

Irene Burd Pub Crawl T-Shirt Photo

"This is me and my sisters at a Pub Crawl we threw to honor what would have been my Mom's 60th Birthday on April 21, 2007. My Mom lost her battle to colon cancer in 1990 and we thought this was a great way to celebrate her 60th bday. We had 70 people sporting our CustomInk shirts all "crawling" from bar to bar. It was an awesome night!"

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The Hot Mamas go to the Dominican by Dawna - almost 7 years ago

The Hot Mamas Go To The Dominican T-Shirt Photo

"We are at JFK airport on our way to The Dominican Republic. We are the Hot Mamas (of course this picture was taken at 4 am, so we aren't looking so hot)! We are repeat customers of Custom Ink. We order customized t-shirts for any event we can think of!"

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Knights Softball by KnightsAdamandJoe - almost 7 years ago

Knights Softball T-Shirt Photo

"We have started a softball in Yonkers and new teams are never given any respect. We needed to look serious! So we went to Custom Ink, and using the lab, designed our KNIGHTS t-shirts. We may not be the best team in the league, but we do look the most unified and stylish with our Custoom Ink shirts!"

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A Day at the Races by LittleBro - almost 7 years ago

A Day At The Races T-Shirt Photo

"I was looking in the newspaper here in our local area, Saratoga Springs, NY, last August in 2006 and I saw one of our band members' little brother in the picture on the far left, navy blue shirt, right next to the horse's nose, and I was really excited that he was wearing that shirt of our band's logo. I was very pleased when one of my coworkers recommended and we ordered those first shirts that you see in the picture. Thank you customink for the great quality!"

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Judi Anderson's 60th B-day Surprise!! by michellemonty - almost 7 years ago

Judi Anderson's 60th B Day Surprise!! T-Shirt Photo

"We don't know if Aunt Judi was more surprised to see all of us in California for her 60th b-day or to see her 1964 Miss Seville Ohio photo on the front of all of our shirts!"

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21st Birthday Pub Crawl by harderkn - almost 7 years ago

21st Birthday Pub Crawl T-Shirt Photo

"The shirts were made for the pub crawl the miami women's rugby team held to acknowledge 4 of the women's 21st birthdays. The shirts were perfect! the front has all of our pictures and the backs had a list of all the bars we went to with empty boxes to mark them off as we went! Customink was amzing and extremely helpful!"

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The Deuce by SteveV - almost 7 years ago

The Deuce T-Shirt Photo

"This is a picture of the second floor guys of Trusler Hall at the University of Florida. The CustomInk Shirts were great and let everybody in the dorms know who we were. This was at an end of the year party."

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beautiful ladies in venezuela by mtv2007 - almost 7 years ago

Beautiful Ladies In Venezuela T-Shirt Photo

"This photograph was taken on a missions trip to Maracaibo, Venezuela, where our team served the underprivileged community in the winter of 2007. CustomInk was tremendsouly helpful in printing our shirts exactly as we wanted them, and even pointed out a spelling mistake that we had not noticed! Thank you CustomInk for allowing us to serve others in style!"

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