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Each week, we reward the CustomInk customer whose photo shows the most group spirit through our photo contest. Help pick this week's winning photo by rating your favorites.

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Pack the P.A.C. Tonka Hockey by HoCkEy - over 5 years ago

Pack The P.A.C. Tonka Hockey T-Shirt Photo

"Fans in the stands. Tonka Hockey!"

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The Andiamo Motorcycle Event by AJdashVIDEOdotCOM - over 5 years ago

The Andiamo Motorcycle Event T-Shirt Photo

"We were filming the Andiamo Motorcycle Benefit Run. We were strapped down to folding chairs in the back of this truck doing 60mph. (Don't worry, the event was police escorted). We do what it takes to get the shot! we also film commercials, training & marketing videos."

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PSU RV Weekend 08... Celebrating a win in our Joe-Pa Shirts by BobbyB - over 5 years ago

Psu Rv Weekend 08... Celebrating A Win In Our Joe Pa Shirts T-Shirt Photo

"We had these shirts with a likeness of JoePa's face on it made up for our 3rd annual RV trip up to Penn State for the PSU-Michigan game... and as you can see from the photo, we celebrated mightily (and in style) as the Nittany Lions were triumphant."

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Rocket Dog on the Mardi Gras prowl by RocketDog - over 5 years ago

Rocket Dog On The Mardi Gras Prowl T-Shirt Photo

"Mardi Gras in St Louis MO"

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the GOOGG visits the Seattle T-birds!! by GOOGG - over 5 years ago

The Googg Visits The Seattle T Birds!! T-Shirt Photo

"I ordered the shirts online. CustomINK had a suggestion on the color to make it pop more and asked me to contact them we went with their suggestion and EVERYONE LOVED thier shirts, we also got LOTS of comments on our Shirts at the Game!! Thanks CustomInk"

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Average Joes by Missay - over 5 years ago

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Rock & Roll Wanna Be's by DKR - over 5 years ago

Rock & Roll Wanna Be's T-Shirt Photo

"We celebrated Paul's 50th birthday. Paul is a senior corporate executive and a rocker! The shirts show his rock side -- "the Axman"!"

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Homecoming 08 by tenacioustaylor - over 5 years ago

Homecoming 08 T-Shirt Photo

"At my school we go to homecoming in groups so we got shirts to tell who all we were going with and wore them the day before the dance"

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Wilson College Mounted Drill Team '07 by Karly - over 5 years ago

Wilson College Mounted Drill Team '07 T-Shirt Photo

"The Drill started the tradition of getting team hoodies two years ago and that tradition continues with each new Captain."

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The Sandlot: All Grown Up by SBowl2007 - over 5 years ago

The Sandlot: All Grown Up T-Shirt Photo

"A group of close knit friends in Bloomington, Indiana for the IU vs Illinois football game. The only bowl this primetime game between two basketball powerhouses is the toilet bowl."

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