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Each week, we reward the CustomInk customer whose photo shows the most group spirit through our photo contest. Help pick this week's winning photo by rating your favorites.

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Math Geeks! by Bri - almost 7 years ago

Math Geeks! T-Shirt Photo

"Me and my fellow math geeks sporting our awesome custom ink math shirts! Power to the nerds!"

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Anthropology Flag Football by DD - almost 7 years ago

Anthropology Flag Football T-Shirt Photo

"This is a Flag Football team photo for the Indiana University Anthropology graduate students."

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My HONEY's by SandySoSilly - almost 7 years ago

My Honey's T-Shirt Photo

"It was halloween weekend, also my birthday. Had an idea that a group of my girlfriends will be "Bee's" and our guys are our "Honey's""

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the future by searsfootball - almost 7 years ago

The Future T-Shirt Photo

"going into the playoffs we're 3rd in the league and have the best shirts by far."

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Junkyard Dogs TV Appearance by JunkyardDogs - almost 7 years ago

Junkyard Dogs Tv Appearance T-Shirt Photo

"Thanks guys for doing such a great job on the T-shirts. We've had so many people ask to buy them it's not funny. This pic is from our recent appearance on The Rejoice Show on TCT. Thanks again and God bless, THE DOGS"

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Lifeguard Pile by LifeGuardPile - almost 7 years ago

Lifeguard Pile T-Shirt Photo

"I worked for the Y, and we were routinely cold on days that it rained and we required to stay at the pool. We weren't allowed to wear sweats unless we all matched, and CustomInk provided sweatpants, and great sweatshirts (seen on three of us)! We've all still got them, and they're awesome."

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Ball and chain for the rest of his married life.... by BallAndChain - almost 7 years ago

Ball And Chain For The Rest Of His Married Life.... T-Shirt Photo

" did a great job communicating with me when I did not have the correctly sized images in place and they worked hard to get the shirts delivered in time for our bachelor party. I don't know if the bachelor was more suprised by the t-shirts or the 15 lb ball and chain:)...the t-shirts were a hit throughout the evening. THANKS!"

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John's 50th Surprise Birthday Party by Surprise - almost 7 years ago

John's 50th Surprise Birthday Party T-Shirt Photo

"The shirts arrived in time, and were a hit! They helped make John's 50th birthday celebration very special and memorable."

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1st Teabaggers Halloween Horror Night by Teabaggers - almost 7 years ago

1st Teabaggers Halloween Horror Night T-Shirt Photo

"Teabaggers first annual halloween horror nights, thanks to custom ink we had great shirts. We will use custom ink for our next trips."

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Women of Faith by Chale - almost 7 years ago

Women Of Faith T-Shirt Photo

"We got shirts for our softball team. This picture is before we started playing, we pray before and after every game. My team and I LOVE CUSTOMINK!"

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