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44 Mile Grand Canyon Hike by BeechHillSki - about 6 years ago

44 Mile Grand Canyon Hike T-Shirt Photo

"It's summer... so without snow, the guys at Beech Hill X-Country Ski & Snowshoe Center in Maine decided to take a trip. This photo was taken in Arizona at the Grand Canyon on a 44 mile hiking trip..."   view full details

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Team MN Home of the Twins by Guest - about 6 years ago

Team Mn Home Of The Twins T-Shirt Photo

"We have a group of girls that are participating in the Breast Cancer 3 day walk in Minneapolis. We had a fundraiser Happy Hour at a bar downtown with a HUGE raffle with fabulous prizes. The happy ..."   view full details

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wolfwork by wolfwork - about 6 years ago

Wolfwork T-Shirt Photo

"An employee art show at a museum where we are receiving a proclamation from a commissioner of Miami Beach."   view full details

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Tilton Reunion by Tiltons - about 6 years ago

Tilton Reunion T-Shirt Photo

"These are the 3 Remaining Tilton Girls from a family of 6 girls who had 38 grandchildren. There were 97 relatives at the Reunion. My entire experience with Customink could not have been better! ..."   view full details

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Family Vacation Deep Creek Lake MD by Mountains_of_Fun - about 6 years ago

Win Family Vacation Deep Creek Lake Md T-Shirt Photo

"Every year our family vacations in a different spot. This year I wanted to do something special for them. So I decided to make the t-shirts as a memory. I am very happy I found this website. The se..."   view full details

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Flute Section by BandCamp - about 6 years ago

Flute Section T-Shirt Photo

"This was taken at Camp Chen-A-Wanda, where my marching band goes to Band Camp for 1 week. We're the flute section of the band, and we're pretty amazing. CustomInk actually delivered the package to ..."   view full details

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Explosive D: We're number 2! by ExplosiveD - about 6 years ago

Win Explosive D: We're Number 2! T-Shirt Photo

"We have proudly worn our customink t-shirts for the past three years in our co-ed state employee softball league. Working in foodborne illness, our name"Explosive D" helps distinguish us from the r..."   view full details

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Amanda's Bachelorette Party by GRplanner - about 6 years ago

Amanda's Bachelorette Party T-Shirt Photo

"You cannot go wrong CustomInk. They will not let you print something that will look bad. They enhance your artwork to emphasize its detail. All in all....the best company I have worked with for s..."   view full details

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Broncopolooza V - Idaho by Bronco - about 6 years ago

Broncopolooza V   Idaho T-Shirt Photo

"For our fifth annual guy's trip, the boys invaded Idaho, Wyoming and Montana for an extended weekend of competition, fishing, rafting, hiking and mass consumption of red meat (and beer)."   view full details

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40th at Cape Cod by Bonnet - about 6 years ago

40th At Cape Cod T-Shirt Photo

"Celebrated my parents 40th wedding anniversary on Cape Cod Massachusetts August, 2008. We ordered visors and polo shirts for the event with a design that matched the shirt and visor together. We a..."   view full details

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