Can't Hide Our RMS WEB Pride!

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"The RMS WEB team were working hard to get the school ready for the new year. We didn't know if we would be able to get our shirts on time because of the District's purchasing policy. Imagine our suprise when our shirts showed up on the last day of our training! We threw them on and ran outside to take our first WEB team picture. " - RMS WEB (Sep 27, 2012)

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comment by Guest - Dec 05, 2012 - back to the top

Review by Ryan for Rating: I usually don't write reveiws for products on here, but I felt compelled to after receiving the Logitech Z506 surround sound system. I will have more detailed information after I list the pros and cons, in-case some of you reading this just want to skim over the goodies. PROS:~SUPER easy to set-up, everything matches up by color.~Sound quality is superb compared to a lot of systems in this price range, especially for a 5.1 system.~Base is FANTASTIC! I honestly can't get over how awesome the subwoofer is, and best of all NO DISTORTION!~Since this is a tweeted system, you don't get distortion from the speakers like you would with a lot of other systems in this price range.~RCA capable (meaning you can directly connect it to your Audio Out on the back of the TV).~The ported down idea Logitech did for the subwoofer truely does make it fill the room (even at >50watts).~Great bang for the buck.CONS:~Wires can be a bit short, even for a small room.~No controller. *IF you decide to connect it via RCA (Audio Out) you will only be able to adjust the volume from the right-front speaker (where the knob is located).~The look of it is somewhat of an industrial look; this might bother some people.~When someone on the TV talks in a low, deeper voice, it can be slightly muffled, but not to the point where you can't understand it.Ok, so now that I've gotten the PROS/CONS list out of the way, I'm going to tell you how I have it set up in my bedroom, which is about 20 14.I have the subwoofer on the floor, which is about 5 feet away from my TV. With that being said, the rear speakers are some-what difficult to get around the room (especially if you want to try and hide the wires). I believe they are about 15 feet long, which isn't even enough for my room. But that's no big deal, I settled for having the rear speakers a bit closer, and the system still sounds fantastic! The front speakers have enough wire, at least I feel they do.The subwoofer is beautiful. I can't believe how awesome it is for something this size, and in this price range. You honestly get no distortion, which is hard to say for a 5.1 system in this range; even at max it sounds beautiful. You can also really feel the ground shake (not to the extreme, but you'll notice it) when certain things are on the TV (such as a crash or shoot-out).Lastly, the way I connected the system to my TV is through the Headphone Jack. The way I did this was to use TWO headphone slitters. Basically what I did was plug the green and black into one splitter, then plug that splitter into the OTHER splitter, and lastly put the yellow cord into the remaining slot (it's easier if you have the splitters/cords in-front of you). I believe there's an easier way to do it, but I had the pieces already, so I just went ahead and did it this way. By doing this I can now use the TV remote to adjust the volume.So if you're like me and are planning to use this in a small room, I highly recommend this system; you can't go wrong!