Port Aransas Plunder

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"Our bachelorette party was in Port Aransas, TX on June 6. Who drinks rum and beer while plundering for booty at the beach? Women and PIRATES! Our Captain (the bride) was ruthless! I truly wish I had a pic of the whole crew. CustomInk was great, even fixed the centering of the graphic on our backs.... a knife. Afterall, who stabs in the back? Women and pirates, ha!" - DeniseB (Jun 16, 2009)

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comment by anonymous - Jun 17, 2009 - back to the top

Awesome shirts! And the link between women and pirates?.......right on and PRICELESS! Arrrrrrrgh maties!

comment by anonymous - Jun 17, 2009 - back to the top

You guys are hot!!

comment by anonymous - Jun 21, 2009 - back to the top

That's the best idea!!!!!!!!!!!

comment by Guest - May 01, 2012 - back to the top

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