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"Core Project's Artistic Director and Associate Artistic Director in their awesome CustomInk Core Project Bonesbare sweatshirts. We sold quite a few at our show, and can't ever wash them, cause we wear them all the time. We love our Core Project CustomInk t-shirts and sweatshirts!" - - Core Project (Feb 15, 2013)

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comment by Guest - Oct 03, 2013 - back to the top

your blog was ON WordPress, why God just couldn't help but point out that it would make a lot of sense to say siohtemng to you.My immediate reaction to you, talking of your sphere of influence being limited to the churches you can get to and the retreats you could speak of went siohtemng like this (in my car, voicing my thoughts in an ecstatic way): Why must we retreat from the wilderness of presupposed unbelievers? Why not charge headlong into the fray with what we believe, and do the Good Ministry He vested in us to do? It's part of the Grand Commission, right? Be a Shepherd to the Flocks (All of which, are His) if that is your work, or be one of the Criers of God, if that is your work but further, after reading what you say, I offer you this counsel.Too often I see the religious impracticalities between believers of differing faiths built in presupposed doubt of someone else being able or unable to follow God or listen to God. Surely I say to you, do not speak of God, and expect people not to Listen, but rather, Go and Do FOR God, not merely in your speaking, but in every moment God calls you to do Good. God is a perrson to you, which is powerful for you, because God has a voice, because God is someone with a personality that reckons with ourselves to HAVE a voice.This Voice isn't only vested in the Holy Bible, or the Qu'ran, or the Tao Te Ching, or the Bahgahvahdgita (spelling ), or any other form of presupposed Revealed Text.This Voice is also vested in every individual who has done Accordingly to his Work, vested in him by He who Causes to Be. Nothing that is done in the world is without a Good Reason, nor is siohtemng in the world Outside of God's Will, as in, Goodness is present within everything, and those with eyes will See.That's the idea anyway, the one I wanted to spread. Don't automatically assume people don't believe in Your God just because your idea is different. Besides, Christ wasn't just talking about how he was Sent by His Father.His entire life was proof that we believed we could, we could Do Good, or rather, God's Will, because if we knew what it was, or knew without a shred of doubt that we were capable of Doing Good for Christ, in that Christ washed us of our sins such that our Faith and Works and Love in His Name would be Good for any and ALL, then Damned by the Almighty (you see how God and Sin has seeded itself so thoroughly in that so many are Blind to what God would bring into Light), that we were capable of living Anew and In Him, doing Good as He Saw in Us to do, For God has vested in each of us separate principles and ideas, which make us distinct amongst the Host of Heaven, and we shall be remembered, by our Works, and by the Faith in both Ourselves as Being Made by Him and Called by Him, and also in Him, who Hath Called Us.We focus endlessly on how Jesus Christ was God, and a few people say that in His Lifetime, he wasn't. But the idea is, Man and God aren't Separate from each other. In that One does not necessarily Need the Other, and yet, Both have come to Exist. God of course being First, and God of course being Last.But I believe all of us who are Men Created in His Image are God's Present and Living Will throughout the World, which God promised us even from the Beginning. Let us now take forth the Mantle He has Set Upon Us, and Work and Be his Ministers so that the World, be it in purely the metaphorical, as in the conception of Man, or in the Physical, as in this World we live in, or in my personal favorite, BOTH. That way, when God DOES Come Back, those that would have Heard, or rather, Saw (depending on where they're from) , would actually Hear, See, and embrace, Not God. Because everyone believes in God, whether you know it, they know it, or not. Christ wasn't about telling people to believe in God. Christ was about telling people to do Good. That's what he told his flock. Take care of My People he said I believe in taking care of everyone, insomuch as that Everyone Belongs to Him. There are those who will not come, YES, but we each have different Works in our lives, as assigned to us by God and in where God has put us.Let those who can do Good for Him, DO.Let those who can see and perceive of him, Speak.Let those who can understand, Explain.And let us all Do Good, for Him that Made Us.