Custom T-Shirts for adoption party

After George's adoption was official, we hosted a party with his school teachers, family and friends! by A warm welcome for the newest addition to our family - 11 months ago

After George's Adoption Was Official, We Hosted A Party With His School Teachers, Family And Friends! T-Shirt Photo

"To welcome the newest addition to our family, we celebrated with several adoption parties in New Jersey, New York, and Maine. At the first family party in New Jersey, George opened up a heavy carboard box and was ecstatic to see that he was on a T-shirt! "My adoption really is famous!", he said. And when he turned over the shirt, famous is just what he saw! His new name made the list of the Most Famous Georges! As George’s adoption celebration continued all over the Northeast, the T-shirts were recycled, and worn by new party-goers, which was unsuspected by George. He was amazed that at every adoption party he went to, more people had his T-shirts! Throughout our community, everyone was thrilled to see this young man settling into a safe home. Our family appreciates CustomInks great product that gives us wonderful photographs to look back on. "

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