Custom T-Shirts for ap lit

Celebrating the AP exam being over! by Alex and Ms. Perry - 4 months ago

Celebrating The Ap Exam Being Over! T-Shirt Photo

"CustomInk is simply the easiest way to get quality printed t-shirts. My students design t-shirts through CustomInk and then we have a contest to pick the design that will get printed. The winner's design is already done, so going from design to printing is a breeze. As a school, CustomInk is a breeze to work with, whether we use a purchase order, a school credit card, or even have the students order and pay directly through the site. "

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Satirical shirts by APLit - over 5 years ago

Satirical Shirts T-Shirt Photo

"My students designed a shirt that showcases the wits of Oscar Wilde and of Jane Austen, here opposing each other."

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