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Killian Band by Killian - 7 days ago

Killian Band T-Shirt Photo

"This is one of the many events we are using the shirts for. This was club pictures day, custom ink was a great help getting us our shirts in time! Everyone loves them and only musicians understand ..."   view full details

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We Are FreeRoam by FreeRoamMusic - 9 days ago

We Are Free Roam T-Shirt Photo

"This is our very first group photo and it was taken January 17, 2015 in downtown Baton Rouge, LA. We will be using it on our website and on future promotional ads. CustomInk made it very quick and ..."   view full details

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French Horn Section by Walnut High School French Horns - 17 days ago

French Horn Section T-Shirt Photo

"This is my lovely section of French Horn players after a successful marching season with the Walnut High School band. We love to wear the jackets on the same days and twin. We absolutely love our j..."   view full details

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Get On Our Level by Noemi Martinez - 23 days ago

Get On Our Level T-Shirt Photo

"I am a senior in band, I play flute and my section decided to get a flute shirt. I LOVE custom inks' variety of choices for everything, but my section had an idea to portray their motto of "get on ..."   view full details

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Tosha Rocks!! by She Plays Drums!! - 26 days ago

Tosha Rocks!! T-Shirt Photo

"Our experience with CustomInk rocked! We were extremely satisfied with the amazing customer service and their perseverance to get the order spot on! Tosha Jones had a reunion show with her old band..."   view full details

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PITCH, PLEASE! by The Pitches - about 1 month ago

Pitch, Please!  T-Shirt Photo

"This is our first time working with CustomInk and our experience with them has been incredible so far! This picture is of The Pitches, an all women's a capella group that represents the music progr..."   view full details

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The Mello Gang by Mika - about 1 month ago

The Mello Gang  T-Shirt Photo

"We made these sweaters for our marching band section in school - the mellophones. In marching band, we all get 'dot sheets' that tell us where and when to go to a respective place on the field. Our..."   view full details

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Music Worth Sharing by Vox Musica - 2 months ago

Music Worth Sharing T-Shirt Photo

"In addition to our public concert projects Vox Musica also presents educational outreach projects for educational institutions. This picture is of four of our Choral Artists presenting an educatio..."   view full details

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The Quartet by Jamie - 2 months ago

The Quartet T-Shirt Photo

"We love our Custom shirts, now we can serenade and look good while doing it!"   view full details

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A Common Front by Tinside music studios - 2 months ago

A Common Front T-Shirt Photo

"I had these shirts custom made to promote the studio that our band, A Common Front uses. We had a great experience with customink, and look forward to having other things printed up in the future. ..."   view full details

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