Camp T-Shirt Design Ideas & Clipart

The boys at the Art Hilton camp out. by Mark - 11 days ago

The Boys At The Art Hilton Camp Out. T-Shirt Photo

"Annual Art, Texas camp out for the East Texas boys. Art, Tx Feb. 19-22. It has been great using CustomInk to create items to commemorate our annual outings. The picture contains 4 different orders..."   view full details

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Camp Reunion Shirts!! by Jenna Kaplan - about 1 month ago

Camp Reunion Shirts!! T-Shirt Photo

"This was taken at our camp's bunk reunion. We all bought a shirt and wore them at our reunion. These shirts gave us a reason to come together and see eachother."   view full details

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Camp Run-a-Muck at Elk Lake by Camp Run-a-Muck - about 1 month ago

Camp Run A Muck At Elk Lake T-Shirt Photo

"This was our 2nd annual Camp Run-a-Muck at our house in Bend, Oregon. Our daughters and their families come up for a week. We go boating, fishing, kayaking and hiking. Everyone loves the shirts and..."   view full details

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Watson Deer Camp by Watson Deer Camp - 5 months ago

Watson Deer Camp T-Shirt Photo

"Watson deer camp is a family event each year. We love the hoodies. Working with CustomInk was a great experience."   view full details

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Pioneer Days by - 5 months ago

Pioneer Days T-Shirt Photo

""Almost every year our Service Unit has a weekend camp out at the beautiful Girl Scout - Sky High Ranch of Colorado. We have Girl Scouts of all ages and many adults attend also. This year the the..."   view full details

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Camp Tee's 2014 by Camp Tee's 2014 - 5 months ago

Win Camp Tee's 2014 T-Shirt Photo

"Everyone's favorite part of camp is always your custom t-shirts. They wear them all year long. "   view full details

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Burke Boys by Burke Boys - 5 months ago

Burke Boys T-Shirt Photo

"We had the first annual Burke Boys camping trip. We decided we are going to get together once a year and hang out like old time and have fun. We grew up together in Burke Va, camping, fishing, ..."   view full details

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1st Class Acro Team! by 1st Class Acro - 5 months ago

1st Class Acro Team! T-Shirt Photo

"We are headed to the official Olympic Training Center in Houston, Texas for our Acrobatic Gymnastics national training camp! Our athletes love showing off their acro skills in their new t-shirts d..."   view full details

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Victory Class of 2015 by natdawgboi - 5 months ago

Victory Class Of 2015 T-Shirt Photo

"The senior class wanted to distinguish themselves by wearing their new class shirts . . . but someone forgot theirs!! We LOVE working with Custom Ink--they are AWESOME!"   view full details

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Girl's Trip! by Lindsey - 6 months ago

Girl's Trip!  T-Shirt Photo

"Here's what our awesome shirt looks like for our girl's cabin trip!"   view full details

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