Custom T-Shirts for case western reserve university

Student Leadership Journey Council gets serious by SLJC! - 4 months ago

Student Leadership Journey Council Gets Serious T-Shirt Photo

"In the photograph, our members are displaying the front and back of the shirts. We got the shirts for a student organization, Student Leadership Journey Council (SLJC), and it was a way to unify our group. In the photo, we are proudly displaying our shirts, showing our solidarity, and showing that we are serious about the goals of our group. SLJC is a group dedicated to creating a community among student organizations and student leaders on Case Western Reserve University's campus. We work with the Office of Student Activities and Leadership to provide resources, support, and recognition so that our community will grow. We had an amazing experience with CustomInk! They were incredibly helpful and easily available. I used the chat option many times to finalize our order! Each time, the representative was very friendly and cooperative with my vision for our tshirt. With the stony path on the back cut out to show the color of the shirt, with the stones still remaining, I was worried about how the shirts would turn out (or if they would be possible at all). CustomInk worked with me every step of the way to ensure that the shirts turned out perfectly. "

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Wolfpack Battalion: Cleveland's ROTC by Army ROTC - about 1 year ago

Wolfpack Battalion: Cleveland's Rotc T-Shirt Photo

"Brook Zhang, front right, participates in stretching exercises with fellow Army ROTC students at Case Western Reserve University, Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012. ROTC is a partner with CWRU."

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Junior Powderpuff Football Case Western T-Shirt Photo

"Ordered several shirts (60+) for an annual Junior/ Senior Powderpuff Game at Case Western Reserve University which is sponsored by the Class Officer Collective. This picture is taken of the Junior Powderpuff Team which proved to be victorious winning 12-0 against the Senior team. Working with Customink on this order was amazingly easy. I called two more times after the initial order to get more and everyone I called made the process very easy and really wanted me to have the best experience. Also, I had one woman who was very patient with me while I was on the phone. Of all places, I happened to be at a Cleveland Indian's game and it was very hard to hear on both of our ends, but none the less she did not give up on me. I was surprised by how knowledgeable, patient, and friendly the customer service associates were. I will definitely be ordering through Customink again!"

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Greek Carnival 2011 by Stephanie - about 3 years ago

Greek Carnival 2011 T-Shirt Photo

"Fun times with Omega Tau Zeta celebrating Greek carnival at Case Western Reserve University!"

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Case Western Reserve University Spartan Tappers by Tappers - almost 8 years ago

Case Western Reserve University Spartan Tappers T-Shirt Photo

"The Case Western Reserve University Spartan Tappers before their big semester end performance, ready to start boppin to their tap dancing big band theme!"

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