Custom T-Shirts for christmas present

Christmas Present by Brownee - 8 months ago

Christmas Present  T-Shirt Photo

"Well my sister was tired of the typical christmas presents. She told me to be creative this year. Bad idea. Haha. My sister & brother in law have been married for 3.5 years and everyone keeps asking them, "When are you two going to have kids?" Well considering that I am hanging out with them a lot, I decided to make them t-shirts. Why Have Kids, When You Can Have a Keenny(nickname for me). And I added in a funny picture of myself. It was a huge success. Everyone loved it and it made the holidays so much more fun. Although, I do believe that I may have opened a can of worms. My birthday is in January and I can see a possible t-shirt coming my way. "

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Toxic Christmas by MiniG - 8 months ago

Toxic Christmas  T-Shirt Photo

"Got this for my love for Christmas and he loved it.. Customink did a great job on my design and captured my view.. "

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Best Christmas Present, Ever. by Kate - over 1 year ago

Best Christmas Present, Ever.  T-Shirt Photo

"This picture is a photo from our departments holiday pot luck. For Christmas I ordered my boss and co-workers I heart Kate t-shirts from an on going joke we've had through out the year. Here is a few of them sporting the shirt. It was a huge hit and brought lots of laughs to the whole party. If it wasn't for the help at CustomInk they wouldn't have come out as great as they did and I've enjoyed working with you guys on every order ever placed! Thanks so much CustomInk! "

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Sami's Fruit Monster by CrazieGurl215 - over 3 years ago

Sami's Fruit Monster T-Shirt Photo

"My best friend Sami loves to draw little characters called "Fruit Monsters." I took a couple of her drawings and turned them into a T-shirt for her Christmas present! She loved it! It was a great product and we plan to make more =D"

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