T-Shirt Design Ideas For Your Friends

Celebrate your friendships with custom t-shirts or custom hoodies from CustomInk! As you can see from the customer photos below, custom t-shirts, hoodies and other items make get-togethers with friends more fun and memorable. Design and order custom t-shirts and more online for your college friends, sorority sisters, camp buddies, and more!

CARONE CRAWFISH CREW by LTB CREW - about 1 month ago

Carone Crawfish Crew T-Shirt Photo

"This is an annual Crawfish boil my friends, Rick, Tim and Kim Carone, host every Memorial Day weekend, in Cary, ILL! There are about 300 people who show up. 10 kegs of beer, 120 lbs of crawfish, 8 gallons of crawfish etouffee and grilled and fried wild game. it's always a great time! (Don't mind the photo bomber who ruined the picture)"

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Love Your Brain by TheWildBunch - about 1 month ago

Love Your Brain T-Shirt Photo

"CustomInk- The picture submitted is from this Sunday, June 8th at The Color Run in Chicago. Thousands of people gather in the Windy City only to finish "sweating rainbows", a phrase my team and I, The Wild Bunch, loved on some of the runs signage. But we decided to take it a step further and help promote and support a foundation called Love Your Brain/The Kevin Pearce fund. They are an organization dedicated to raising money for people with TBI's (traumatic brain injuries), kids with down syndrome, and other obstacles. For myself, this will be a year-long journey and I have pledged to raise $20,000. My teammates support meant so much to me and we loved spending the day together supporting an amazing cause. Thanks, CustomInk, for helping us with the designs! We'd love to be your Ink of the Week!"

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Bramble Downs by Bramble Downs - about 1 month ago

Bramble Downs T-Shirt Photo

"Some great people come to the Bramble Patch, small neighborhood bar every Thursday at 2pm. We play a race horse game. If they win the race they win a shirt. It is becoming the place to be, everyone loves the shirts!! Custom ink was very user friendly for me to create and order the shirts. I have placed two times so far. Hope you enjoy the picture. Thanks again. "

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Spartan Race 2014 by No Spartan Left Behind - about 1 month ago

Spartan Race 2014 T-Shirt Photo

"On 6/7/14 a group of friends came together to run in The Spartan Race, not knowing if this would be a 1 time event, we wanted to look good- the shirts from Customink were fabulous, wore beautifully, and we're complimented by others throughout the day. It was a pleasure to work with your company"

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40th birthday celebration in Ibiza, Spain by Ibiza 2014! - about 1 month ago

40th Birthday Celebration In Ibiza, Spain T-Shirt Photo

"28 ladies came with me to Ibiza, Spain (from Brussels) to celebrate my 40th birthday. We wore our shirts on the plane and this is in front of our hotel. Custom ink was amazing, personal, and definitely a company that I have and will continue to recommend highly."

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Doyle Family Curise by Royal Caribbean Cruise 2014 - about 1 month ago

Doyle Family Curise T-Shirt Photo

"My husband and myself with our 7 children and son-in-law all together on a cruise. "

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One if by land, twenty-two if by sea! by Royal Caribbean Cruise 2014 - about 1 month ago

One If By Land, Twenty Two If By Sea! T-Shirt Photo

"We are three families that have cruised together since our kids were little. It became so difficult to do. This year was a bit of a reunion!"

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Call of Dooty by Jordan V. - about 1 month ago

Call Of Dooty T-Shirt Photo

"This photograph is of myself and my best friends at the Take Steps for Crohns and Colitis Walk that occurred on June 1, 2014. With the help of my family and friends, we were able to form a team to walk in my honor. Our team was called "Call of Dooty" and the shirts read, "Answering the Call of Dooty". The design expressed the play on words by having the gender bathroom logo with military camouflage on it. My experience working with CustomInk was great. The quality of the shirts were superb, and it was very easy to translate what I envisioned in my head to the actual tshirt. The feedback I received once my design was submitted was awesome. I would definitely go back to CustomInk in the future for tshirt designs and creations. "

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Cassie Henry's Dirty Thirty Party! by Cassie H - about 1 month ago

Cassie Henry's Dirty Thirty Party!  T-Shirt Photo

"For my 30th birthday, I celebrated with friends and family in Beach Haven, NJ over Memorial Day weekend. I wanted to give all my friends unique party favors to remember the special day, and CustomInk did an amazing job helping me create the greatest 30th bday tank tops for me and my friends! I wish you could see the design team at Custom Ink drew on the back of the tank tops: me riding a tiger! "

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The calm before the storm by Gregorsaur - about 1 month ago

The Calm Before The Storm T-Shirt Photo

"Great time with friends at Pride Night at California's Great America. Friends, coasters and shenanigans!"

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