Custom T-Shirts for going away

A Farewell Present to our Danish Exchange Student by - 18 days ago

A Farewell Present To Our Danish Exchange Student T-Shirt Photo

"Last semester, we had an exchange student from Denmark staying in our dorm. As a going away surprise present, we made these shirts with CustomInk that have his face and an inside joke on them. On h..."   view full details

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VX-23 SALTY DOGS! by Dave - over 3 years ago

Vx 23 Salty Dogs! T-Shirt Photo

"We are a Navy/Marine flight test squadron and we ordered t-shirts as part of a going-away celebration for one of our test pilots. They turned out great and CustomInk did a fantastic job. This pho..."   view full details

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Goodbye Erin G by GaughanFest2009 - over 5 years ago

Goodbye Erin G T-Shirt Photo

"Erin has been a great friend to all of us for many years, so when we heard she was leaving NJ for 2 years to get her MBA in D.C., we were very proud (and very sad!) So, we threw a surprise party w..."   view full details

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Good Luck Private Papanicolas! by MBynaker - over 5 years ago

Good Luck Private Papanicolas! T-Shirt Photo

"Alex joined the Army National Guard and will be leaving for bootcamp in Fort Benning, Georgia August 24, 2009. He will be gone for 13weeks learning ways to protect our country! We held a "Going Aw..."   view full details

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