Custom T-Shirts for grand canyon

Troop 3116 Grand Canyon Adventure by Adventure_Girlz - over 5 years ago

Win Troop 3116 Grand Canyon Adventure T-Shirt Photo

"Girl Scout Troop 3116 from San Diego, California loves to hike. Our latest big adventure was an awesome trip to the Grand Canyon for spring break 2009. We hiked down to the river, spent the night at Phantom Ranch and hiked out the next day. We have chosen purple as our "signature color" that we use on our T-shirts and bandanas. Our shirts read "Grand Canyon Adventure 2009" on the front and "Troop 3116 San Diego, California...Adventure is our middle name!" on the back. We had several people notice us in our beautiful shirts and ask us what that was all about. It was kind of like that song "everywhere we go, people want to know, who we are, so we tell them..." Thanks again to Custom Ink for a great group shirt and excellent service!"

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44 Mile Grand Canyon Hike by BeechHillSki - about 6 years ago

44 Mile Grand Canyon Hike T-Shirt Photo

"It's summer... so without snow, the guys at Beech Hill X-Country Ski & Snowshoe Center in Maine decided to take a trip. This photo was taken in Arizona at the Grand Canyon on a 44 mile hiking trip (completed in two days). These shirts are great to wear all year! Thank you CustomInk for great products and excellent service!"

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SisterFest at the Grand Canyon by SisterFest - over 6 years ago

Sister Fest At The Grand Canyon T-Shirt Photo

"For one sister's 40th birthday, her sweet husband flew us four sisters and our mother to Phoenix, AZ for our first annual "SisterFest" (a time when we all get together and mostly laugh). We always have such a great time together that we decided to make this special trip a grand event. We had "SisterFest" tshirts made for the occasion, and CustomInk was so helpful and great to work with. We visited the Grand Canyon which is where this picture was taken. We all wore our t-shirts and got many looks and comments. It was such a blast. We are already planning our next SisterFest trip and t-shirts!"

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Hike the Grand Canyon by Angie_B - over 6 years ago

Hike The Grand Canyon T-Shirt Photo

"This is a picture of me and 4 other women I talked into hiking the Grand Canyon with me this past JULY!!! Two of the five girls had done it at least once before, but the other three (including me) had never. I made the t-shirts in advance and they were a surprise gift to the other girls once we'd made it back to the top of the canyon. The front says "Share Your Dreams with Friends...It Makes Them Possible". The back has a box that is checked off and next to it is "Hike the Grand Canyon" and the dates of our trip. We are a 'life-list' oriented group of girls and all about checking the next thing accomplished off that list... next? :) My experience with was seamless and I was very happy with the service and quality of product. I was able to design my shirt effortlessly and in a short amount of time and received the finished product very quickly. I have worn my shirt several times since this photo was taken and neither the quality of the shirt nor the art work have deteriorated in any way. If an occasion presents itself again, I would not hesitate to use or recommend others to use"

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Betlyon-Reeb Thanksgiving at the Grand Canyon by Thanksgiving2007 - over 6 years ago

Betlyon Reeb Thanksgiving At The Grand Canyon T-Shirt Photo

"Our families went to Arizona for vacation and ate dinner at the Grand Canyon. Our sweatshirts from CustomInk were perfect for keeping us warm and helping us to find one another."

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Cruising on Lake Powell by Rich_Family - about 7 years ago

Cruising On Lake Powell T-Shirt Photo

"Our family reunion on Lake Powell, Arizona in June, 2007. Shirts were awesome ... so much fun to wear. Worn as a cover-up over swimsuits ... then to the Grand Canyon. CustomInk ... you rock!"

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MokiMac Grand Canyon by DPlotsky - about 8 years ago

Moki Mac Grand Canyon T-Shirt Photo

"Photo taken in the Grand Canyon. Custom Ink was wonderful in getting my rough design onto a finished shirt. We were the only group in the canyon with team shirts!!"

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Good Girls Gone Wild - White water Rafting the Grand Canyon by Good_Girls_Gone_Wild - about 8 years ago

Good Girls Gone Wild   White Water Rafting The Grand Canyon T-Shirt Photo

"6 of us went White water Rafting down the Grand Canyon for a week. These were our group tshirts. Custom Ink was great. The service before, during and after was impeccable -"

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