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You cant mun without the bun by Model un - about 1 year ago

You Cant Mun Without The Bun T-Shirt Photo

"Our advisor... The one who has our other advisor on his should has long hair and wears it in a bun so we decided to make a shirt with him on it woth the catch frase "you cant mun without the bun""   view full details

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The Motive Empire by Motive Met. - about 1 year ago

The Motive Empire T-Shirt Photo

"I've been wanting to design my own shirt for some time now, and when I was referred to custom ink, my mind was blown. I was able to create a shirt my way, my style, size and design of course. Once ..."   view full details

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Keep it 100!!! by MrsSalazar - about 1 year ago

Keep It 100!!! T-Shirt Photo

"I got this shirt to show my support for my boyfriend that is in prison. He's one of the ones that are innocent, but proven guilty. There are ALOTof people behind bars that are innocent. It was so e..."   view full details

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Big Foot Likes Astro Heroes by Constance Stellas - about 1 year ago

Big Foot Likes Astro Heroes T-Shirt Photo

"My cousins (backers of Kickstarter Campaign too) and I were amazed over the holidays to find Big Foot in the Kitchen! He likes Astro Heroes too. CustomInk is terrific. And Israel Peak who work..."   view full details

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Pitbull time by Buck_Queen2300 - about 1 year ago

Pitbull Time T-Shirt Photo

"Read the email and I was thinking my Volleyball team would sure like some new uniforms. And I don't have all that money for 15 jerseys"   view full details

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Heidi in our Cafe Burgundy Racing Team hoodie by Ratus - about 1 year ago

Heidi In Our Cafe Burgundy Racing Team Hoodie T-Shirt Photo

"CustomInk made hoodies for our NASCAR pit crew. We have received many t-shirts as well - great printing showing our race cars"   view full details

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#GorgeousMinds by George - about 1 year ago

#Gorgeous Minds T-Shirt Photo

"Well my photo is from different types of people, who think different, act different, and do different things from your average person! Having a gorgeous mind represents individuality and just being..."   view full details

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One child at a time by Team Mikey - about 1 year ago

One Child At A Time T-Shirt Photo

"So I couldn't get a photograph of all of Mikey's therapists together -9 total. My husband and I adopted a sibling set from the foster care system and "Mikey" has Autism. It has been a overwhel..."   view full details

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Young & Restless by Geremi - about 1 year ago

Young & Restless T-Shirt Photo

"I have more ideas in the making and on the way now using customink!!!"   view full details

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Cabin 2013 by Team Cabin - about 1 year ago

Cabin 2013 T-Shirt Photo

"This is from our annual Poconos weekend!"   view full details

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