Custom T-Shirts for lustgarten foundation

Scott's Army - In Loving Memory of Scott Cuje by Scott's Army - 3 months ago

Scott's Army   In Loving Memory Of Scott Cuje T-Shirt Photo

"We lost our beloved Scott M. Cuje on March 17th, 2014 after a valiant two month battle with pancreatic cancer. We always told Scott that he had an army of people to help him fight this horrible disease. Scott loved spending time with his family and we all loved to be with him. He never had to fight alone. To honor him, we all decided to participate in the Lustgarten Foundation's Monmouth County Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk in his memory. This is a photo of 39 members of Scott's Army taken at Monmouth University on Saturday, June 7th 2014. We love our CustomInk t-shirts. They were perfect! CustomInk provided over the top customer service and made sure we had our second order of shirts in time for the walk. It touched our hearts to see that they even cared enough to donate in support of our team. Thank you CustomInk! ~Scott's Army "

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Walk for Pancreatic Cancer Research by Kermit's Krew - about 4 years ago

Walk For Pancreatic Cancer Research T-Shirt Photo

"My husband, my daughters, my niece, and myself participated in the Lustgarten Foundation annual Long Island walk for Pancreatic Cancer research in memory of my father Kermit. Customink made it so easy to create the shirts, and many people commented on them at the walk"

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Lustgarten Walk 2009 by Kass - about 5 years ago

Lustgarten Walk 2009 T-Shirt Photo

"Here is our team at the Lustgarten Walk for Pancreatic Cancer Research. The shirts were a huge hit and we had other walkers asking where they could get them. Working with Custom Ink has been quick and easy. Plus the donation made to our team was so out of the norm for a company! Thanks for supporting us, Custom Ink!"

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