Custom T-Shirts for math iii honors

Math Geeks! by Bri - almost 7 years ago

Math Geeks! T-Shirt Photo

"Me and my fellow math geeks sporting our awesome custom ink math shirts! Power to the nerds!"

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Spencerport Math Geeks by Bri - over 7 years ago

Spencerport Math Geeks T-Shirt Photo

"Our math class purchased matching shirts for the last day of school after surviving the "hardest math course this school has to offer," or so our teacher said. The backs read "I Survived Math III Honors" and all the teachers in the math department got a good laugh out of them. The yearbook committee even came in during class to get a picture for next years yearbook! Our teacher loved it, and we went around all day spreading our nerdness. :)"

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