Custom T-Shirts for mugs

Repertory Dance Troupe Struts their Stuff! by Eastern's RDT! - 10 months ago

Repertory Dance Troupe Struts Their Stuff! T-Shirt Photo

"This weekend was huge for Eastern's Repertory Dance Troupe. We used our CustomInk jackets to perform a 72 girl number on our school's stage for a sold-out show! The next day, the captain's of our..."   view full details

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Keepin it classy by Erica Wilson Phi Delta Chi Brother - 12 months ago

Keepin It Classy T-Shirt Photo

"We designed and ordered these mugs to sell to our national fraternity Brothers at regional and national events. They've been a big hit and are fun to take to social events, banquets, etc. We've o..."   view full details

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Petershagen BrewFest 2006 by CrapMonkey_Travis - over 8 years ago

Petershagen Brew Fest 2006 T-Shirt Photo

"This is a picture from our annual brewfest. It's like a potluck for beer. We provide the cups, everyone else brings a 12 pack of fine micro and craft beers from around the globe. Ballots are subm..."   view full details

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