Custom T-Shirts for nature club

NSU Earth Day Planting 2014 by Shannon A - 4 months ago

Nsu Earth Day Planting 2014 T-Shirt Photo

"Every year Nature Club at Nova Southeastern University does some type of planting event for Earth Day during an entire week of Earth related celebrations. Yesterday, Nature Club was able to show off our wonderful new shirts, thanks to CustomInk, during our Earth Day planting on campus. The landscape we were planting in yesterday was also recently named after Nature Club due to all our hard work, so we incorporated the new sign in the picture as well. We like to get down in the dirt to help save the environment, hence us showing off our hands."

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Mrs. Keller's Nature Club - 2013 by Mrs. Keller's Nature Club - over 1 year ago

Mrs. Keller's Nature Club   2013 T-Shirt Photo

"I am the Counselor for an elementary school. I wanted to do something fun for the kids so I created a Nature Club. Kids in 5th grade can join. They give up their recess once each week to meet with me and learn about something from nature, usually an animal. I bring the live animals to the meeting and the kids get to interact with them, take pictures, and we all discuss proper care and facts about that particular animal. Out of 165 kids in our 5th grade, 52 have joined Nature Club! Our meetings are packed in pretty tight, but we love it and are having so much fun. Ordering our club shirts from Customink was a wonderful experience. Fast service, quality product, loved the hands on design process! The kids really like them and wear them to the meetings (even though that is not required) I plan to have Nature Club every year and will definitely use Customink."

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