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KJRB reunion broadcast on KOOL 107 Spokane by KJRB radio reunion on KOOL 107 - 2 months ago

Kjrb Reunion Broadcast On Kool 107 Spokane T-Shirt Photo

"Joe Micheals and Ric Hansen, KJRB DJs from the 1970s, plan the next segment of the live KJRB reunion broadcast on KOOL 107, May 31 2014. For two hours, former KJRB DJs from the 60s and 70s shared stories of their early career days on KJRB. May 30 and 31 nearly 50 former KJRB employees got together in Spokane to reminisce and share memories of good times and good friends. CustomInk was great with their help in designing this commemorative shirt through several revisions!"

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Peter B. gets prepared for the broadcast. by KJRB radio reunion on KOOL 107 - 2 months ago

Peter B. Gets Prepared For The Broadcast. T-Shirt Photo

"This was taken just before the KJRB reunion broadcast on KOOL 107, Spokane, May 31, 2014. Nearly 50 former KJRB employees of the 60s and 70s gathered to celebrate good friends and good times. There were evening reunion events on May 30 and 31st, but the broadcast was the highlight of the weekend. CustomInk was incredibly helpful and supportive in assisting me to design this shirt. I had only ten shirts to give to friends, but many others said they would like to have one."

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Banner For The 90s Play Lounge by 90sPlayLounge - 8 months ago

Banner For The 90s Play Lounge T-Shirt Photo

"Its a banner for our webiste for our radio show called The 90s Play Lounge on ! Everything was fun, also the photoshoot!"

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The Positive Voices for the VOICELESS TEENS by The Teenage Truth - about 1 year ago

The Positive Voices For The Voiceless Teens T-Shirt Photo

"We are a group of teens that created, produce, and host our own radio show on Wmsk online radio to give teenagers a positive platform to dispel myths that the kids of today are all going in the wrong direction. We take great pleasure in proving them wrong by address topics that affect all of us from bullying to studying for the SAT. WE ARE THE POSITIVE VOICES FOR THE VOICELESS TEENS. PLEASE VOTE FOR US"

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Saturday Night Online Crew Celebrating 100 Affiliates by Saturday Night Online Live with Romeo - about 1 year ago

Saturday Night Online Crew Celebrating 100 Affiliates T-Shirt Photo

"Saturday Night Online Live with Romeo is a syndicated Top 40 radio show that airs across the country on Saturday nights. We used Custom Ink to create shirts once we achieved a milestone 100 affiliates, and they came out great! Check us out coast to coast on a radio station near you or online at!"

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WZLY with Bauuer on the Last Day of Classes by WZLY Wellesley College Radio - over 1 year ago

Wzly With Bauuer On The Last Day Of Classes T-Shirt Photo

"To celebrate the last day of papers, midterms, and 8:30 AM classes, Wellesley College's radio station, WZLY, and the college's event-planning board threw a huge party with Bauuer (of Harlem Shake fame) providing the music. Running such a big concert took a lot of woman-power, and we knew that everyone working the concert would need a cool uniform. We chose neon pink tanks, featuring a boombox, our radio station call letters, and our FM frequency. When we thought that our order wouldn't be finished on time because of a mix up with the college financial office, we called up CustomInk and they made sure to put our order through super fast so shirts would arrive by the day of the concert. They saved the day, and we (and Bauuer!) had an amazing time!"

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The Mermaid Puppet Army by Capt. P - about 2 years ago

The Mermaid Puppet Army T-Shirt Photo

"The Mermaid Puppet Army started out as a radio bit and has grown quite a bit over the last year. The Mermaid Puppet is associated with both the World Of Boating radio show and Scuba Radio. These shirts have been worn by the staff at remote broadcasts in Grenada, Turks and Caicos, the Florida Keys, and across the U.S."

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