Custom T-Shirts for record label

Selfmo2vation by Selfmo2vation - 10 months ago

Selfmo2vation T-Shirt Photo

"We are an upcoming Recording Label who have been working hard through tough struggles to make it in life and be successful. For 13 years through hard work and dedication we have finally found something to help us get noticed, not only for our designs but for the music we produce. Thanks to Custom Ink we have been able to create designs to help create a movement, one that will brighten our future & the future of others that we touch along the way. Without Selfmotivation you won't make it far in life and that's what we are trying to encourage people to do, be selfmotivated and do what others think you cannot do. Everyone can shine and be successful at whatever they want to do in life, but it takes hard work and dedication to make it through. Thanks again Custom Ink, your assistance has came a long way & has helped us grow. - Selfmo2vation "

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Hustle Muzic by drome305 - almost 3 years ago

Hustle Muzic T-Shirt Photo

"This photo is the first step for promoting a new record label. At the recording studio showing off my new jacket the same day i got it. I did it has a surprise for the owner who has been helping me with music for a long time. I love working with customink. their customer service is amazing and friendly. i look forward into working with them again and telling my friends about them."

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On the EDGE by The_Brooklyn_Label - about 5 years ago

On The Edge T-Shirt Photo

"At the Brooklyn label, a new record label, we take music to the edge, and needed a t-shirt that could rep our rep! Custom Ink hooked us up! Our first run was so successful we doubled the order for the second!!"

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