Custom T-Shirts for sigma delta tau

Sigma Delta Tau Derby Days-Rutgers by Mandi - over 1 year ago

Sigma Delta Tau Derby Days Rutgers  T-Shirt Photo

"Derby Days is an event organized by the brothers of Sigma Chi and it raises money for Children's Miracle Network and Sigma Delta Tau's philanthropy Prevent Child Abuse America. This is a photo from..."   view full details

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SDT Signature Shirt by Sigma Delta Tau-Tau - about 4 years ago

Sdt Signature Shirt T-Shirt Photo

"We wore the shirts to our first night of recruitment but they are being used to spread the knowledge of SDT around the UT campus. They are a unique twist to a simple design with the state of Texas ..."   view full details

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SDT Halloween by SigDelt - about 8 years ago

Sdt Halloween T-Shirt Photo

"For halloween our sorority decided to be the baseball players from A League of Thier Own. We needed a place that could make 18 girls a tee shirt to fit the costume and we found you!!"   view full details

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