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5KOTM Run with the Panthers 5K by Southbury 5K of the Month Club - 4 months ago

5 Kotm Run With The Panthers 5 K T-Shirt Photo

"The Southbury Connecticut 5K of the Month club (5KOTM) is a group of friends that decided to improve their health by committing to run a 5K race every month for the entire year. If you love to walk, run, shuffle, or basically use your body in some way to get from Point A to Point B, you're eligible. Two years later we are still going strong and have inspired our members to expanded their running to include 10K's, 1/2 marathons, marathons, and Ragnar Team Relays. The March 2013 "official" 5K was the Run with the Panthers on 3/22/14 to benefit our local high school's Class of 2014. 5KOTM members took 1st place in two age divisions and 2nd place in another. Everyone had fun, no matter their time. But most important, we looked good doing it in our new shirts. Thank you CustomInk for a great job! "

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Serving our Community through Friendship, Fun and Sharing... by SouthburyJuniorettes - about 5 years ago

Serving Our Community Through Friendship, Fun And Sharing... T-Shirt Photo

"This photo was taken shortly after we received our Juniorette T-shirts. We wear them to fundraising events so the community knows who we are. Juniorettes are gals ages 9 to 18. We spend the year raising money for the Town of Southbury, CT and our surrounding community through friendship, fun and sharing. Since September 09, we have donated over $1,400 to local charities."

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