Custom T-Shirts for Spaker Speakers

Heavy Metal T-Shirt Spoof with my real Company Name by Pete Spaker - Speaker Speakers - about 1 year ago

Heavy Metal T Shirt Spoof With My Real Company Name T-Shirt Photo

"I made a single T-shirt with my company name on it, in the style of a lot of "Heavy Metal Band T-Shirts," kind of as a spoof or a goof. I made a lot of beginner mistakes (like ordering unnecessary colors, printing the back of the shirt and only ordering one) without realizing I could have paid less by avoiding all those mistakes. I posted this picture of myself wearing the shirt on Facebook. Friends and former clients started popping out of the woodwork, exclaiming that they wanted one of these (one of a kind at the moment) T-Shirts! They either get the joke or just love the shirt. I am collecting info about their size choice and some cash up front in order to place a bigger order for my friends, family and customers. Pretty neat experience for a nerd who hovers over a soldering gun all day."

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