Custom T-Shirts for starcraft

eSports at Berkeley CSL Champions by eSports at Berkeley - over 1 year ago

E Sports At Berkeley Csl Champions T-Shirt Photo

"eSports at Berkeley's Starcraft CSL team competed in the AZUBU Collegiate Starleague Season 6 against 315 schools from around the world for $90,000 in prizes. After qualifying for the live event in Los Angeles on February 16 by becoming one of the top four teams in the playoffs, eSports at Berkeley began to train extensively, and ordered CustomInk t-shirts for the club. The eSports at Berkeley team attended the live event and won their first match against Denmark's Aarhus University 4-1, securing their spot in the grand finals. Korea's Chunnam Techno University defeated the fierce University of Washington 4-0 and moved on to face Berkeley. Finally, in an extremely tense and nailbiting series, Berkeley came out on top in the grand finals 4-3 over Chunnam Techno University, becoming the first ever 2-time winner of Collegiate StarLeague and winning $40,000. The Berkeley team was praised as the most cohesive team at the event, and a lot of this had to do with the uniformity of the team. Berkeley's CustomInk shirts made them stand out and increased team unity, providing Berkeley the much needed morale to win the Collegiate StarLeague. Plus, the club was able to get a lot of exposure as well! eSports at Berkeley was extremely satisfied to have worked with CustomInk in designing the shirts."

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Columbia Starcraft supports its winners by Chris - almost 2 years ago

Columbia Starcraft Supports Its Winners T-Shirt Photo

"Ben, our team captain, is held up as our hero after winning 5 or 5 rounds in an exhibition match against another college, all on his birthday. Our stylish hoodies (some ordered a year ago, the rest ordered this month) helped show us as a cohesive, large team! Especially with each one personalized with our names on the back. Thanks for helping turn us from friends into a team, CustomInk."

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Columbia Starcraft supports each other by Chris - almost 2 years ago

Columbia Starcraft Supports Each Other T-Shirt Photo

"We're a club at Columbia University in NYC that competes in the video game Starcraft II against other colleges around the world in the Collegiate StarLeague. This photo was taken last spring during a tournament at Princeton University where we were one of the only colleges that looked so polished. We love the customized hoodies that let us show off our pride for our school, our game, and let us individualize them with each of our names on the back. We feel like a much more serious team arriving with matching "uniforms.""

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