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Whale watch sail off Diamond Head, Hawaii by Holiday crew - 23 days ago

Whale Watch Sail Off Diamond Head, Hawaii  T-Shirt Photo

"Holiday Sailing Team is loving our new shirts. Has really made the crew tighter. Mahalo CustomInk! "   view full details

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Waikiki sailing by Holiday crew - 29 days ago

Waikiki Sailing T-Shirt Photo

"Sailing off diamond head aboard my boat, holiday. Friend from Zurich at the helm. 3 other friends. Im middle. These shirts have gotten my deckhands more enthusiastic about learning the ropes, liter..."   view full details

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Easy Street Equine Team!! by Easy Street Equine Training - about 1 month ago

Easy Street Equine Team!! T-Shirt Photo

"I have ordered from CustomInk multiple times and I am so happy with the products and the way the our logo looks! Here we were having a fun day riding at our State Park. My students and I wear our h..."   view full details

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The Real Housekeepers of Marquette MI by Cedar Motor Inn - 2 months ago

The Real Housekeepers Of Marquette Mi T-Shirt Photo

"We recently order shirts for our housekeepers and laundry employees so they didn't have to worry about getting bleach on their shirts and the guests would still be able to tell they were employees...."   view full details

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Explorer of the Seas Ice Cast by Benita - 2 months ago

Explorer Of The Seas Ice Cast T-Shirt Photo

"This is our ice cast onboard the Explorer of the Seas. We loved performing this show for 7 months and wore our jackets with pride! I had a great experience ordering from CustomInk, they helped tran..."   view full details

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Motocross Ladies at St. Louis Supercross by MXL - 3 months ago

Motocross Ladies At St. Louis Supercross T-Shirt Photo

"Here are three of the ten members of the 2013 Team Motocross Ladies attending the St. Louis Supercross event in Missouri. Over 15k people attended this event so it was a great day to show off our f..."   view full details

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SVRA Car Race by - 3 months ago

Svra Car Race T-Shirt Photo

"My dad (in the middle) raced his 1970 Mustang Boss 302 for the SVRA Championship race at the Circuit of the Americas (the same track that Formula 1 races on) in Austin, TX for the first time. I su..."   view full details

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Yamaha Motor Corporation by Love Fest 2014 - 3 months ago

Yamaha Motor Corporation T-Shirt Photo

"Tanque Verde Ranch, Tuscon AZ. Staff training and team building memories. Experience with Customink was an easy process, I would work with them again."   view full details

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Galleria Park Hotel by GPH Rockstars - 4 months ago

Galleria Park Hotel T-Shirt Photo

"Our property decided to celebrate our company core values by creating a great shirt design. We were able to enjoy a casual day in the office and embrace our Spirit of Commune Core values. This te..."   view full details

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Housekeeping week by Kimberly Babiasz - 4 months ago

Housekeeping Week T-Shirt Photo

"We celebrate and acknowledge our housekeeping staff once a year and these shirts were the perfect addition to our festivities. The staff was so thankful and appreciative. "   view full details

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