Custom T-Shirts for weekend getaway

We're Here For The Beans! by Stefanie - over 4 years ago

We're Here For The Beans! T-Shirt Photo

"We planned a trip to Hunter Mountian, NY for my cousin Nicole's aka Nikkibeans 22nd birthday. As a surprise, I had made all of the girls shirts with a picture of beans on the front saying, "I'm he're for the Beans" and on the back it said "Hunter Mountain 2010". I made the birthday girls' shirt white and on the front it said, "I am the Beans". As you can tell from the picture, she loved it! Custom Ink is very easy to use, and the shirts are very comfortable! It was all shipped on time."

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Blue Van Rules! by BlueVan - over 6 years ago

Blue Van Rules! T-Shirt Photo

"A group of us go on an annual wine tasting trip and each year we keep adding another van full of people (36 people this year -- 3 vans). We own our blue van while the other 2 vans rent white ones. To further our competition between the rival vans and display our van's superiority we surprised the other groups by showing up to the first winery sporting our custom ink t-shirts. The looks on their faces was priceless. We had so many people (not our group) coming up to us that day asking where they could buy those shirts, because the back of the shirts had a grape cluster and the Winter Wine Weekend event name and location on them. We had a great time and I think we will have to create something else for next year to once again, one-up the other vans."

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