Custom T-Shirts for wickid ladies sleeveless shirt

UW-ROCK Womens Volleyball Team 2007 by MegScheunemann - over 6 years ago

Uw Rock Womens Volleyball Team 2007 T-Shirt Photo

"This is a pic with me (coach) and my awesome women I got to work with this year. They absolutely loved the uniforms (we also had a black set to look really intimidating). It was nice to have a uniform that they could design, and that was wicking so they wern't soaked in a match. What was also fantastic is that even poor college girls could afford to pay for their shirts so they could get their names on it and keep it as a memento of their season. We will be ordering them again next season! Thanks! Meg Scheunemann UW-Rock Women's Volleyball Coach"

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Sprin Hill Lady Broncos! by TimothyA - almost 7 years ago

Win Sprin Hill Lady Broncos! T-Shirt Photo

"Our girls high school tennis team was pressed for time and needed new gear for the 2007 season. Customink set us up with great uniforms, sweats, hoodies, and t-shirts. Now the ladies look as good as they play!"

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