Custom T-Shirts for wiffle ball

Wiffle ball jerseys 'Backyard Ballers' by Tate Kennamer - 3 months ago

Wiffle Ball Jerseys 'Backyard Ballers'  T-Shirt Photo

"Me and my friends put to getter a wiffleball team and made a field in the backyard. We have yet to lose to someone with these jerseys. Thanks customink!"

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Wiffle Ball Madness by Benjamin Kukainis - 11 months ago

Wiffle Ball Madness T-Shirt Photo

"This photo was taken at my cousin's bachelor party. We rented out an indoor wiffle ball complex and did a play on words--since he's getting married and we were playing baseball, I figured that "Last Chance to Score" would be perfect! All the guys were astounded by the quality of the shirts and I wear mine to work every now and then because I was so impressed with CustomInk and proud to have been, and will continue to be, a customer. Thanks so much, CustomInk, you really took our party to the next level!"

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Fast Plastic Wiffle Ball Champions by Fast Plastic Wiffle Ball Champions - about 2 years ago

Fast Plastic Wiffle Ball Champions T-Shirt Photo

"Fast Plastic Wiffle Ball Champions This is a charity wiffle ball tournament to help raise money for brain cancer research. We help raise money by playing in a wiffle ball tournament with the number one goal to raise as much money as possible. You guys made our uniforms and we have won this tournament 2 times."

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Joeys v. Ribs 2009 by Joeysv.Ribs - over 5 years ago

Joeys V. Ribs 2009 T-Shirt Photo

"Our annual adults vs kids (Joeys vs Ribs) wiffle ball game held in Virgin Gorda, BVI during school vacation week"

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miley hall by elise - almost 7 years ago

Miley Hall T-Shirt Photo

"I am a freshman in college and i made these tee shirts for our entire hall for a wiffle ball competition. The shirts were a big hit and really brought everyone together. I ordered them late and wasn't sure if they would arrive for the game but custom ink was efficent and great to work with!"

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Team Aylmer with the Rally baby by Team - about 8 years ago

Team Aylmer With The Rally Baby T-Shirt Photo

"My brother and 2 cousins and I formed played in a wiffle ball tournament and these were our uniforms. We were losing the game to get us into the round of 8, then passed around the rally baby and promptly scored 3 runs to win the game!"

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