Custom T-Shirts for wii bowling league

The Blue Wave of St. Mark Village by Jim Bowman - far right in the photo. - 12 months ago

The Blue Wave Of St. Mark Village T-Shirt Photo

"A couple of years ago we created a Wii Bowling League which has expanded beyond our dreams. I guess we could blame it on CustomInk since all our bowlers wear their CustomInk T-Shirts all day when they bowl. They even wear them to the dinning room in the evening. Our league has grown to over 40 bowlers and others wanting to get in on the action. Not all bowlers are in the photo. We have a wonderful time socializing as well as having FUN wearing our CustomInk T-Shirts. Our winning teams play other Retirement Communities and they have bought t-shirts after seeing ours. My wife and I have the name "Spare Me". Thanks for being a company a customer can depend on. "

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