Collect Your Group’s Sizes Easily

Just retrieve your saved design and follow these simple steps.

  • 1. Create a Sign-up Sheet

    Once you've saved your design, click “Create a Sign-up Sheet” on the confirmation page, or in your confirmation email. You can leave notes for your group, details about price, and when and where they’ll get their items.

  • 2. Send it to Your Group

    Share the link by email, Facebook, or other social media. Members can use the Sizing Line-UpSM linked on your sheet to pick their perfect size. No awkward guesswork, just send it out and watch the sizes roll in.

  • 3. Confirm the Sizes and Place Your Order

    Once your sheet closes you'll see all of the sizes and quantities tallied up. Either place your order online, or give us a quick call 855-374-4687 (our reps can see your sheet too). It’s that easy.

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