Add Leg Prints

Orders with leg prints must be placed by phone.Please call us at 800-293-4232
  1. Follow these steps and give us a call

    Since there isn't a leg view in the lab (yet!), use an open space to add your leg design.

    An example of how to add a design to the leg of a product.
  2. Click the save/send button Design Lab Save/Send Icon in the lab and save your design under your email address
  3. To place your order with a leg print, or to get an accurate price quote, you must call Custom Ink at 800-293-4232. Mention your email address and that you'd like a quote on a design with leg prints. Check these example prices.

    How much does leg printing cost? See prices.

Example Prices for One Color Leg Prints on One Leg*
(for 1 color)
Qty Additional Cost Per Item
500 about $1.50 each
100 about $2.50 each
50 about $3.50 each
10 about $7.00 each
1-5 Available only on orders of 6+

* Additional print colors are a little more.