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6/27/15 at 12:37 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

I ordered t shirts for our small family restaurant. They look awesome and shipped so quick. Thank you so much!!

Stephanie M.
West End,
West Union, WV
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
6/2/15 at 8:26 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

You guys did a awesome job! Much less expensive than the locals here and twice as fast with better quality too! Will use you and tell everyone I can always! Thanks again! Thomas and Beth Owners of Momma B's Restaurant.

Beth S.
Shippensburg, PA
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
6/1/15 at 2:49 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

So, why is my review below only an "okay" if all that sounds great? Answer: UPS. And this is NOT customink's fault (you guys were great,) but UPS hasn't changed anything when any of us have complained in the past, so we figured we'd start telling vendors just how much UPS sucks (and it's only the honolulu branch--UPS in other places is usually pretty good.) First off, I NEEDED the package by the 29th, so I ordered rush delivery, and was hoping to have it there by the 28th. And indeed, the package arrived at UPS Hawaii on the 28th, at 5:28 a.m. I was told that my package would be delivered between 4:30 and 7:30. However, in the past, UPS has told me that and then delivered anywhere from 1:29 to 10:45, so I figured I couldn't trust that at all. Instead of using the buzzer at my apartment, the truck drivers usually just leave a sticky note on the apartment door saying that they attempted delivery at some strange hour of the day that was nowhere near expected delivery time. So, I began to leave sticky notes all over the apartment door requesting that they use the buzzer. Because I can't wait in the apartment lobby from 1:30 to 11:00 p.m. That's ridiculous. Then, one time, they pasted one of their "attempted delivery" stickers over the THREE sticky notes I left on the door asking them to use the buzzer. THEY PASTED IT OVER THE STICKY NOTE. Another time, we didn't receive ANY stickers, and it was only after we received a notice that our package was to be returned that we called UPS, and they informed us that they had attempted delivery 3 times already. We had never received a sticker. The driver told his manager that the building manager had told him he couldn't paste the sticker. We called the building manager, who hadn't even been by the apartment for a week or so, and he confirmed that he had NEVER said that (I mean, he hadn't even been there for a while,) and that pasting the notice is the correct course of action. So, they straight up lied, and probably never even attempted delivery. Nice, UPS. Gold star. Basically, I had no reason to be confident in UPS and their delivery. But I had hope! I left sticky notes all over the door, and one member of my family remained home all day long in case UPS would buzz in. Granted, I should have allowed wiggle-room for UPS's blatant incompetence, but the design was really not finished until the very last minute, so that wasn't an option, and delivery was "guaranteed by the 28th," of course, so I figured that all would be well. WRONG. UPS never delivered the package. After all of us took shifts for hours waiting around literally doing nothing except staring and squinting our eyes to see if a brown s**ttastic UPS truck was approaching somewhere on the horizon, they simply never showed up. I was up until 12:30 a.m., because we had to have the shirts by the 29th at the latest, or else we wouldn't be able to distribute them to everybody. Well, UPS never delivered, so I kinda threw my hands in the air, and went to bed. The next morning, I looked at the UPS tracking website, and it was almost comical that the date listed was the 29th, but the little green tab still said "on time for delivery by 5/28/15 by the end of the day." It wouldn't surprise me if UPS failed basic counting class, but in a surprising turn of events, 29 comes AFTER 28. PLOT TWIST, UPS! so, we called UPS up, and got some customer service agents in India. Nice. They continued to insist that the package was on the truck, and that it would be delivered by 7:00 p.m. on the 29th. Thanks UPS, but that'd make my order almost completely useless, as I wouldn't be able to distribute the shirts. Two supervisors later, and it turns out that the package WAS STILL AT THE FACILITY AND ACTUALLY HADN'T BEEN LOADED ONTO A TRUCK THAT DAY. So, it wouldn't have even arrived by 7:00 p.m. on Friday. It would have arrived Saturday, at the earliest. And I do NOT have faith that they would have gotten it to me by then. So, we drove out to the UPS store, stood in line behind hundreds of pissed-off people who have also tasted the undiluted incompetence that so defines the Honolulu UPS store, and finally got the package. The whole process of driving out and picking up the package took about an hour or two. The point is that UPS is almost as frustrating as having a political discussion with my grandpa. FedEx honolulu is generally BETTER, but still f**ks up occasionally. Customink and the other branches of the courier service all got the package where it needed to be by the time it needed to be. But once it arrived at UPS honolulu, everything went to s**t. Your website guaranteed delivery by the 28th at the end of the day. And you did everything right to get it to me by then. But UPS honolulu f**ked it up, as ALWAYS. PLEASE talk to them--there's a reason that the UPS customer center at 128 Mokuea Pl, Honolulu, HI 96819 has a 1.2 star average on google reviews, with over 35 submitted reviews. There is ONE 4 star review and there are FOUR two star reviews, and the rest are all one star reviews. Let's take a look at the 4 star: "As a person who goes there everyday, their service is OK, I do understand the rating others gave which is understandable, however you could call either 1 day ahead of delivery or earlier to request them to hold the item at the UPS Customer Center which then you can pick the item up from them." No. Their package delivery service should NOT be SO INCREDIBLY HORRIBLE that the ONLY way to get "good" service is by canceling their package delivery service ENTIRELY and then spending an hour or two driving myself out to the center. No. That's like walking into a restaurant, paying for dinner, and then walking home to cook the food yourself because you know that the restaurant's food will taste like fried horse s**t. Jesus christ UPS, get it together.

Forest K.
Honolulu, HI
Overall Experience Bad 1
Order Again? Yes
5/15/15 at 3:05 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

From my initial order almost 5 years ago, a class I attended was already utilizing the service and products from CustomInk. So I knew (and have seen) the quality of work would be in excellence. Now coaching a Junior Tennis Team, I wanted my kids to get their own custom designed shirt to wear as a team and with pride. Ordering youth sizes can get tricky because kids grow so fast. Needless to say, I ordered a few shirts a bit too small. Now crunched for time, I ordered a 2nd batch to try and get the correct sizes to give out during our Championship ceremony. With "Rush" ordering, my order would not arrive on time. I gave CustomInk a call and JD provided not only outstanding customer service, but was able to "Super Rush" my order to arrive a few days earlier! W-O-W!! Refreshing to see there are still companies, as Mr. Farrell from Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour Restaurant would say, "give'em the pickle"! Mahalo JD and CustomInk team!!

Marlon A. - Training Manager
Honolulu, HI
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
3/30/15 at 1:25 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

My email address somehow got switched to @gmail instead of @google so there was a little scramble with them waiting on my approval BUT the issue was handled very well once they got ahold of me. Got the shirts in time to open the restaurant.

Sarah S. - Merchandising Specialist
Bon Appetit,
Mountain View, CA
Overall Experience Great 4
Order Again? Yes
3/14/15 at 1:08 am eastern... CustomInk.com

Fourth time using customink for my bar and restaurant and will continue to do so. Ease of website to upload logo and make my own design. Speedy turn around time.

Sokharun Y.
South Hadley, MA
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
3/3/15 at 1:45 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

Very prompt with emailing regarding any changes to the shirt that needed to be made. Customer service representative always said who they were and handled every issue with success! I wish my restaurant ran like this!

Dani C. - eod tech
Newport, NC
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
1/24/15 at 9:49 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

My husband plays the keyboard (piano) at our local Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria. His Youtube channel is Keyboardbot, which is the name he chose for his shirt. And the keyboard logo looks great on the shirt. He is anxious to wear it next time he preforms. Thanks for the good work.

Mike K.
Sacramento, CA
Overall Experience Great 4
Order Again? Yes
12/27/14 at 11:19 am eastern... CustomInk.com

customer service more like a 7 BILLION! immediate connection, response, adaptation of colors, ideas, you guys should run the government PLEASE! i'm doing these Tshirts for friend's The Shovel & Spoon restaurant in Sheridan, MT, surprise for her, so am just mailing boxes out to her this week. my husband/boyfriend has been my "tester" re: size, shrinkage, image size, etc. you guys do GREAT work, are SO responsive both by e & on phone, esp Katherine in Reno on phone. i could go on for pages, you guys are THE BEST!

Catherine S.
Carmel, CA
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
12/9/14 at 11:43 am eastern... CustomInk.com

I have made three large orders with CustomInk for our restaurant and will definitely use them again!

Shannon W. - Owner / Operator
Highway 41 Filling Station,
Cartersville, GA
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
10/14/14 at 11:31 am eastern... CustomInk.com

My first time ordering was for the restaurant tee shirts in which you did an excellent job and fast service. I again order my tee shirts for the breast cancer walk and will continue to order with your company. keep up the great work.

Tommy V. - Owner
Newark, NJ
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
9/15/14 at 10:45 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

I realize that ordering online is difficult some times but I suggest giving more detail about the shirts, quality, sizes etc. Would be helpful for folks who don't know much about clothing. If I would have know that particular 50/50 ladies shirt ran smaller I would not have ordered it. I wanted to order tshirts from custom ink to sell in my restaurant but I will probably look elsewhere.

Brian S. - owner
New Cali Cafe,
Ruidoso, NM
Overall Experience Bad 1
Order Again? Yes
9/4/14 at 11:25 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

CustomInk service is quick and easy. My order was fit and delivered to my restaurant within a week. Good customer services and very details to keep me informed about my order. Product is definitely a top quality and very comfortable to wear. Good to show off to my guests and competitors. Make us look very professional. Overall, good experience with CustomInk. You can't go wrong with it!

Yong Y. - General Manager
Guang Feng Chinese Restaurant,
Portland, OR
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes
7/1/14 at 7:06 am eastern... CustomInk.com

I saw the commercial when I was out at a restaurant with a few friends and went on the site. I created the shirt right there. Came to work the next day and did it a little better on a desk top computer, it was simple and not time consuming. The customer service representatives I talk to from the company seemed to have enthusiasm and were kind and helpful. I am pleased with the final result and will most definitely be ordering again.

Mark A.
Somerville, MA
Overall Experience Great 4
Order Again? Yes
5/2/14 at 12:14 pm eastern... CustomInk.com

It was so easy. My 7 and 10 year old nephews started the design on my ipad in a restaurant and I finished and placed the order later that night when I got home. They were also delivered faster than I thought they would be.

Tracy C.
Wayne, NJ
Overall Experience Wow 5
Order Again? Yes