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The Softest of The Soft

by Amanda Vida

in CustomInk News

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Softest of the soft

When you think of the word “soft,” what comes to mind? Freshly dried towels, a fluffy puppy, extra-quilted toilet paper. Did you answer t-shirt? Well if you didn’t, I can give you a few reasons to add this category to your list: The American Apparel Tri-Blend T, the Anvil Sustainable T, and the now discontinued Canvas Distressed Vintage T.

We decided to see which of these soft t-shirts Inkers thought was the softest of these three. And we even made it fair & square by covering up labels to avoid any brand bias.

The results were overwhelming! A whopping 93 people voted for the Canvas Distressed Vintage T (which is sadly now discontinued) Behind that was the American Apparel Tri-Blend T with 19 votes, and the Anvil Sustainable T came in third with 5 votes. But regardless of the point spread, everyone agreed that you can’t go wrong with any of these Ts when it comes to softness. In fact, I will leave you with some real comments from Inkers – I think they sum it up best:

Product Spotlight

The Canvas Distressed Vintage T “makes me wanna snuggle” and “is like buttah!”
The Canvas Distressed Vintage T “is very soft but I love The AA Tri-Blend T”
“…the material of the Anvil Sustainable T feels more comforting like a blanket.”
“I want all of them :)”

*Update (12/15/2012): We will be launching a new survey in the coming months so we can find a new winner now that the Canvas Distressed T is no longer available.

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