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Top Ten Funny Dodgeball Team Names

  1. If You Can Dodge A Wrench...
  2. Gym Class Heroes
  3. Not in The Face
  4. Much Ado About Balls
  5. Ballsagna
  6. Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, & Dodge
  7. Big Cojones
  8. Don't Hit Me!
  9. Patches O' Houlihan's Heroes
  10. Picked Last!

Top Ten Clever Kickball Team Names

  1. The Artful Dodgers
  2. The Dodgefathers
  3. Ball-Der-Dash
  4. Dodge Chargers
  5. Hard Targets
  6. Don't Stop Ballieving
  7. Beastie Balls
  8. Dirty Dodgers
  9. Sitting Ducks
  10. Globo Gym

Top Ten Dodgeball Names From the Movie

  1. Average Joe's
  2. Purple Cobras
  3. Skillz That Killz
  4. Team Blitzkrieg
  5. Clown Punchers
  6. Moose Knucklers
  7. Kamikazes
  8. Mulchers
  9. Las Vegas Police Department
  10. Poughkeepsie State Flying Cougars

Top Ten Ladies Dodgeball Team Names

  1. Dodgy Birds
  2. All Dodge No Balls
  3. Ballarina's
  4. Balls N' Dolls
  5. She-Mullets
  6. MILF's
  7. Girl Scout Dropouts
  8. Dodging Divas
  9. Ball Girls
  10. She-Ballers

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